2012 Annual General Meeting Agenda Friday 02 November

Below you will find the agenda for the International Almere Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Here are a few notes on the voting process with regards to the motions that will be passed (or not).  Everybody is welcome to join and participate in the AGM, however to vote it will be necessary to register and become an official International Almere member.

How does the membership work?  As we have created our statutes in 2012 we are as yet to have an official membership list.  It has been determined in the statutes that to become an officially listed member, we will request a membership fee.  However, the long term fee is to be agreed upon at the 2012 AGM and the by-laws will be amended to reflect the decision (as we have built the possibility for change into the by-laws).

As the by-laws are yet to be approved, we as a board have agreed to request a small membership fee of €2.00 from those who wish to vote and become listed members.  This fee would then be deducted from the agreed membership fee for 2013, effectively making it free to vote at the 2012 AGM.

We will have a hard copy of the statutes and the by-laws for you to read at the meeting, however they are also  linked to the Facebook event page and can be found here:  Statutes, By-laws.

Please note that the AGM will kick off at 19.00 sharp at Apollo Hotel (apologies, I listed the incorrect time in the October newsletter).  However, if you wish to vote, please make the effort to arrive early to complete the registration form.

If you have questions regarding the AGM or the voting process, please send an email to nerissa@www.internationalalmere.com


1.  Welcome Location:  Apollo Hotel, AlmereDate and time:  Friday 2nd November 2012, 19.00 (7pm)Explanation of the voting procedure
2.  Chairwoman’s report An overview of the previous twelve months, including by-laws, achievements and lessons learned.
3.  Treasurer’s report An overview of the financial report (available to view in its entirety on request) including income and expenditure in the previous twelve months.
4.  Goals for the coming year Outlining fundraising goals, planned events and suggestions for new additions to the event calendar, expansion of the board (including nominations), membership package, potential charity aims, working towards a five-year plan, and finding a semi-permanent home for International Almere.
5.  Motions Election of new board members, agreeing a membership package, acceptance of by-laws and other motions raised during the previous discussion.
6  Any other business Any relevant issues as yet to be covered in the discussion.
7.  Close Invitation to join in the bar for a drink as it is the First Friday of the month.