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Local Business, Global Focus: The Expat Company

Welcome to the first in a new series of posts focusing on businesses in our local community; Local Business, Global Focus.  Here we will feature local businesses that are in the Almere area that are geared towards servicing the international community and most importantly, you.

Meet Georgina, from The Expat Company.

Tell us about The Expat Company

International Recruitment

The Expat Company started its services in 1995 and has offices in Almere (back office), Leiden, Breda and Heerenveen. We thrive to source relevant candidates that match and meet your requirements within todays changing jobmarket climates. The personal profile of an applicant is their most important asset. Companies want good communication skills, entrepreneurship, creativity, confidence. Our candidates are pre-screened and interviewed before producing a shortlist that best meets your needs.
How can we find you?
Our team has specialized consultants with extensive recruitment experience and knowledge of the targeted branches or markets. We can asses on the availability and advice on the the suitability of specialist candidates for your positions.

You can visit our office by making an appointment by calling 036-5302000 or emailing

Our website is and you can join our linkedIn group Expat Company – international vacancies in The Netherlands and find us on Twitter here.

What made you decide to work with expats?

We are not only working with Expats, but also with the locals. Mostly of the time we are working with people who have an international background and/or speaks several languages. Our name has its origins from the word “expatriate” because The Expat Company works to a large extent for European or EMEA head offices of large international companies.

When somebody first arrives in Almere and the Netherlands, how can you help that person, or family, hit the ground running?

We offer several services like our recruitment and spouse career program (coaching program to guide the spouse to find a suitable job in the most efficient way). Our business partner (t&a Relocation) offers immigration and relocation services.

What makes you the company to go to in your field for expats living in Almere, in comparison to a Dutch equivalent?

We have the expertise regarding the Expats. We have gained many years of experience and built up knowledge through the years. We understand the Expats as our consultants have lived and worked abroad themselves as well.

What is the number one question your customers ask you?

“Do you have vacancies for non-Dutch speakers?”

Share a titbit about The Expat Company that we won’t find on your website or in social media.

All the consultants are from abroad or have worked and lived abroad themselves.

What’s coming up in your agenda that’s interesting for Almere expats?

We are offering a custom made program for our expats (partial on individual basis and partial on group basis). This program is called the LABOR MARKET SUPPORT PROGRAM in the Netherlands. If we have enough candidates to complete the group the program will take place at the end of January or in February 2013.


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