Getting to know — Phillip Shuttleworth

Where were you born?

I was born in a back of an ambulance which was parked in the car park from a Bingo Hall in Northampton.  I was put in the local newspaper the next day as being the first healthy born in a back of an ambulance.

Where have you lived?
The first place which I have lived is in Daventry (Central Midlands – England). I lived there for about 18 years be for I moved to a place called Lyme Regis (Summerset – England).  Lyme Regis is a nice place to visit in the summer but it does get busy. About 1 year after I moved to Lyme I met my wife which most of the main members knows about. After going back and forth for about a year I moved to The Netherlands With her and I stayed here since.

Where can we find you online?

You can find in Facebook (Http://
If you go to any of the IA’s events, I will also be there.
Almere is an inter­est­ing and unique city to live in, describe your favorite part of liv­ing here.

Yes Almere is a unique city, living here is ok and you do have everything close by. If you like nature you will love Almere. I can always find a place to sit back and relax and its only a small bike ride away.

Where is your favorite place to go out or eat out in the city?

My favorite place to eat out in the city would have to be the Greek restaurant  “Rodos”  which is located by the central station in Almere.

Would you define your­self as an expat, an inter­na­tional, or some­thing entirely different?

I would define myself as an international but at the same time I will always stay English.

How long do you plan on liv­ing here for?

I tend to stay here until I decide to move on, I don’t set plans so I won’t know myself.

Tell us how you found Inter­na­tional Almere?

I found International Almere through my work college:  Gerard Danks.

Have you been to any Inter­na­tional Almere events? Which was your favorite?

The events which I have been to are:
-Friday night drinks.
-I found this to be a great way to get to know met people also you can be yourself.
-Quiz night.
-This event I do like. I don’t think that much about anything but this is a good challenge and it helps you think.

What advice would you offer to oth­ers who are think­ing of tak­ing the plunge and mov­ing to Almere?

No comment. You will have to see if for yourself.

What has been your biggest chal­lenge since arriv­ing in Almere?

When I moved here it was no problem to adjust.

If you had to leave tomor­row and could take only one thing – any­thing – from Almere, what would it be?

If I had to leave I would take my memories. Memories are the most important thing which you could take with you.

What is your favorite Dutch tra­di­tion, and how do you cel­e­brate? Do you still cel­e­brate hol­i­days and tra­di­tions from your home country?

My favourite Dutch tradition has to be Kings Day. The way I celebrate it is: where Orange and look around to see what people are selling.  I still celebrate the traditions from the UK because they are the same as here.