US Fatca Compliant Investments

So I guess the first thing everyone is asking is why did an Australian go to a seminar about US Investments and Pensions?  Well, I see the questions going up in our group all the time, and in other groups I belong to, and I hear some of my friends from the US cursing the beast that is ‘FATCA’.

So purely out of curiosity, I went along to find out a little more about the beast that has people quaking in their boots, as well as to find out more about what our new sponsors do, and what they can provide for our members.

The first thing about the seminar was how welcome I was made to feel.  Even though I wasn’t the target audience, I was still made to feel comfortable and had some fun conversations with the team from Beacon Global.

The seminar was led by Randy Landsman, the CEO for Beacon Global Advisers, and assisted by Janice and Sandy, and I have to say, it was both informative and entertaining.  I was made to feel welcome, even though I wasn’t the target audience.

I can certainly now understand why so many US expats are confused about FATCA and the rules, and if it applies to them.  It is rather complex, and so many people are affected by these laws.  However, what was reassuring was hearing these rules explained in everyday language, in a way that people could understand and relate.  Of course, it also helped having Randy’s own perspective and sharing his own anecdotes about how it has affected him – it really gave a personal touch to the evening.

The most important thing though – there was no hard sell or sales pitches.  The information given was completely factual, and just gave people an idea of where they could be with FATCA and their investments in the US.  The promise of followup information was also great – if a question couldn’t be answered on the night, then Randy reassured people they would find the answer.

So my final verdict on the night?  Informative, Interesting and Fascinating – a seminar with a lot of information and no pressure or sales pitches.  Just helping to educate people on the beast that is FATCA and take away some of the fear.

Thank you, Beacon Global Advisers, for coming to Almere and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with International Almere. See you in September!