July’s Quiz Night – Another nail biter!

Another thrilling quiz night, with the dominant force of the Upside Downers returning to regain their top honours. After 2 consecutive defeats, last month they came back swinging punches and claimed first place – could they repeat it again in July?

July’s quiz is traditionally a quiet one, but the diehards came to find out who would take top spot this month.  We were also missing one half of our awesome reading duo, Marly (Carly was on holidays) so we were stuck with Gezark (Thanks for stepping in, Gerard!).  We also were super lucky and had our quiz written by the amazing Mark, who certainly wrote a super quiz!

5 teams battled it out this month, and of course, the question is … Did the Upside-Downers do it again???


Congratulations to Burton, this month’s team who smashed their way to top spot. In second position was Spacecake, and in third position, the Upside Downers.

I’m calling it – it’s the end of the domination for the Upside Downers!  See you next month as we watch the battle of the quizzers … and a special guest reader – me! (Stephanie)


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