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Amazing oven cleaning service! SPONSORED POST are sponsors of International Almere. The writer discloses she received no benefits for writing this post.  This post may contain affiliate links.

I have a dirty little secret.

I hate cleaning my oven.  I hate it with a passion.

This is my dirty little secret. I can’t believe I’m sharing this with the world!

It’s a huge job, and finding time in a busy schedule with kids, work and just other housework – it’s tough.  And then there’s the chemicals!  Reading the back of the can of oven cleaner, and realising you have to put on a space suit just to open the bottle is frightening – what is this stuff doing to my skin, my eyes and my lungs??

Thankfully, Samantha and Marcel at came to my rescue recently!

It was so easy to make a reservation – simply call or email and I got a reply within a day checking my availability and a time.  On the day, Marcel was on time and set to work straight away – explaining a lot of things (including that my oven was self cleaning!)

What really impressed me was the fact that there was very little smell, just a faint lemon scent over that harsh, caustic smell that sometimes comes when you’re cleaning your oven. uses non-caustic cleaners that are gentle, yet really effective.  It was safe to have my 3 year olds in the house!

The end result was amazing – in a little under 2 hours, Marcel had restored my dirty little secret to a shining, useful oven that looked close to new! I was left with a clean shiny oven that smelled a little lemony, and the best part – no mess to clean up.

Can you believe this is the same oven?

All in all, I really recommend – excellent customer service with excellent results.  No harsh chemicals, really well priced and a massive time saver. can be reached on 0297-201243 or at email and tell them that International Almere sent you! (They’re one of our sponsors).

Enjoy that clean oven! – Stephanie

P.S. Did you know they also clean barbecues with a FREE pickup and return service? That’s amazing!