Our members recommend – Almere Veertje!

Special guest post by Katie Schmitt!

Our experience

My husband and I had the pleasure to be part to take a trip this year on Almere Veertje , and now I am eager to share our experience from a newcomer to Almere’s point of view!

The almereveertje website provides all necessary information, unfortunately exclusively in Dutch. So if you are still working on your Dutch language skills, my suggestion would be to opt for contacting the ferry staff via e-mail, or just give them a call. It won’t be a problem for the staff to answer your questions in English.

There are three pick-up points:

  • Parkeerplaats De Lesplaats (landing stage at the Bergsmapad),
  • the Esplanade
  • the Beatrixpark (near Gateway Diner)

We started out at Parkeerplaats De Lesplaats, the landing stage wasn’t difficult to find.

The staff welcomed us very friendly. I approached them in my very basic Dutch, and they weren’t afraid to go along with it. As we bought our tickets, there came a pleasant surprise: We were handed two coupons for the View Almere Restaurant- a second cup of coffee would be free.

Before the ferry took off, the staff apologized to us for giving the commentary only in Dutch. Since mainly Dutch people make use of the offer, it does make sense.

Nonetheless, it would be really nice if there would be an English handout sometime in the future.

Right now the knowledge you gain about Almere will depend on your Dutch listening skills. We took it as an opportunity to practice and improve ours. The good quality of microphone and speakers, as well as the clear pronunciation, made it easy to grab a piece of the information here and there.

As the trip started, we were cruising around the Weerwater. It was magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful! The weather was perfect (check out the photos below!)

A lot of information was given about the ecological system around the Weerwater, the yacht harbour and the buildings of the Almere skyline.

We entered the Olsengracht after exploring the Weerwater, which offered a beautiful sight: swans, bridges, beautiful houses… and a lot more!

At the third landing stage at the Beatrix Park near the Gateway Diner we had a five-minute stopover to catch a breath and enjoy the scenery.

From there we went back to our departure point. After almost two hours our adventure was over, and we said our goodbyes to the ferry staff, looking forward to a second time!

Finally we had the perfect finale of our trip with coffee at the View, which offers, as the name already suggests, an amazing view over the Weerwater.

Summing it up: Even if your Dutch isn’t perfect yet- go for it!

It is an awesome opportunity to discover Almere from a different view, and take amazing pictures of our beautiful city.



Phone: 06 11 86 60 81

E-mail: reservering@almereveertje.nl





The roundtrips take place

Every Saturday and Sunday

From April 30th to September 30th


Pick ups

  • Parkeerplaats De Lesplaats (landing stage at the Bergsmapad) 12:45 & 14:45
  • the Esplanade 13:00 & 15:00
  • the Beatrixpark (near Gateway Diner)14:00


Appr. 1h 45min


Adults                         10€

Kids                           5€

Kids < 4years            free

Note: as changes might occur, the accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed. Please check the current details on the almereveertje.nl website.

Insider tips

You can buy coffee, tea, wine, softdrinks (coke, orange pop), orange juice, apple juice and water on board anytime.

If you make a reservation at least 3 days ahead, it is possible to book amazing stuff like High Tea, Lunch, coffee/tea with apple pie, Borrel- or Tapas arrangements… Check out the website and the prices!

And don’t forget about your free second coffee at the View!