Translations of “Almere Deze Week” edition 13th of June 2018

Almere Deze Week is a weekly newspaper with local news for the inhabitants of Almere. It is published in Dutch. Below you find summaries of a selection of the articles of this week’s edition translated into English for the community of International Almere. All summaries have been translated with the permission of the editors of “Almere Deze Week”. The board of international Almere wishes to hank Courtesie ( for their quick and accurate work to translate the summaries into English, so that the international community of Almere can be informed and feel connected with the city they live in.

The original articles in Dutch can be found in the hard copy version of “Almere Deze Week” and online via this link: The page numbers behind the titles refer to the pages of the newspaper where the articles can be found.

Below you find summaries of 5 articles with the following titles:

  1. Communal iftar meal in Turkish mosque
  2. Delays due to work at the Almere interchange
  3. Green oasis in shopping center
  4. Floriade Fietstocht: a bicycle tour of green initiatives
  5. New school building for Poort school


Communal iftar meal in Turkish mosque (page 51)

MUZIEKWIJK – An iftar was held at the Turkish mosque at Lierstraat 9 on Sunday, 10 June.

The iftar brought Muslims and non-Muslims together to enjoy this evening meal. During Ramadan Muslims fast during the day, not eating or drinking anything between sunrise and sunset, for a month. Life is dominated by self-reflection and reflection at a spiritual level.

At sunset, family and acquaintances visit each other and eat iftar together. However, on a number of occasions during Ramadan, this custom is extended to a larger gathering where everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim, is welcome to join in the meal.

The aim is to promote informal social contact. Conversation during the dinner can be both instructive and enjoyable. All this to promote mutual contact – and tolerance, respect and understanding of each other’s cultures.

The end of Ramadan is celebrated with the Sugar Festival, this year from Thursday 14 June to Friday 15 June.


Delays due to work at the Almere interchange (page 51)

ALMERE – Parkway6 will work on the Almere interchange during several weekends in June. The interchange will be connected to new lanes on the A6 between Almere Havendreef and  Almere Buiten-Oost. As a result, the junction will be partially closed during these weekends. Traffic should take into account diversions and delays.

New traffic situation

From Monday 2 July at 05:00 a new traffic situation will apply on the north side of the Almere interchange. Traffic from Lelystad to the A27 will have to keep to the left instead of the right. Traffic from Lelystad in the direction of Almere and Amsterdam will have to exit to the right and will bypass the junction. This traffic will be using the future, parallel lane. This is a temporary situation.

New situation at the Almere interchange. (Photo: Rijkswaterstaat)


Green oasis in shopping center (page 55)

STAD CENTRUM – Those looking for a tranquil spot while shopping can take a seat on one of the benches in the ‘garden’ of gardener Rob Verlinden. The Rob Verlinden Plein (square), a partitioned-off area planted with green shrubs and containing two park benches, can be found on the Diagonaal. It’s a literal example of bringing green into the city.

The garden was created to mark the fact that Verlinden, known from the SBS6 program ‘Robs Grote Tuinverbouwing’, has been in the business for more than thirty years. At the end of last month he received a medal of honor from Mayor Franc Weerwind for his work, during the recording of the anniversary broadcast of Robs Grote Tuinverbouwing,

Rob Verlinden is a textbook example of someone with many years of commitment as an ambassador for Almere. He has used the impact and reach of his television programs to put Almere on the map in a positive light – as a special, green city. Rob Verlinden has lived in Almere since 1995.

Floriade festival

The Rob Verlinden Plein will remain until after the Floriade Festival, which is held in the center of the city on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June. The theme of this festival is ‘Food’, which is also one of the themes for the Floriade Almere 2022. There will be special things to see, discover and, of course, taste at various locations on the Floriade grounds. The event is a perfect day out for young and old.

Taking a break from shopping – at Rob Verlinden Plein. (Photo: Almere DEZE WEEK)


Floriade Fietstocht: a bicycle tour of green initiatives (page 55)

ALMERE – On Saturday 16 June FRTC Almere will hold a new cycling event, the Floriade Fietstocht (cycling tour), together with the municipal Floriade organization.

The Floriade Fietstocht consists of three routes. Recreational cyclists on city bikes or e-bikes can choose between a 7 kilometer route (‘Rondje Weerwater’) or a 25 kilometer route (with stops at various green initiatives in the city). For the sporting cyclist there is an attractive 100 kilometer route, with surprising stops in Amsterdam Zuidoost and in the Gooi and Vecht region. At these stops there will be more information about the future of food and about surprising, local green areas. The tour, for racing bikes, starts between 09:00 and 10:00 from the Floriade pavilion on the Sturmeyweg. The Floriade pavilion also marks the end of the route.

Sign up via the Fiets, Race & Toer Club Almere Facebook page. Participation is free!


New school building for Poort school, part of Het Baken school foundation (page 5)

POORT – The first pile has been driven for the new school building for Poort, a school for junior (‘mavo’) and senior (‘havo’) general secondary education and part of Het Baken schools group.  This festive event took place in the presence of the councilor for Education, the architect, the construction company as well as the director, various employees, a parent and a pupil of Het Baken.

The event was festively presented and the formalities were performed by a parent, a pupil and school staff member. This symbolized the collaboration between parents, pupils and employees of the school and is also reflected in the triangular shape of the new school building.

The new building is located immediately next to the Topsportcentrum in the Olympiakwartier in Almere Poort and can accommodate around eight hundred students. Poort is a school for junior and senior general secondary education. Pupils are taught at senior level as most of them will go to universities for applied sciences. This school for junior and senior general secondary education is characterized by its small scale. Together with Stad College, Park Lyceum, Trinitas Gymnasium and Almere International School, it forms part of school group foundation, Het Baken Almere. At the moment the Poort school is located at Slowakijehof in Almere Poort.


Note: All of the above-mentioned articles were originally written in Dutch and published by “Almere Deze Week”, edition June 13, 2018. The summaries  were translated for International Almere by Courtesie International Business Affairs