Translations of “Almere Deze Week” edition 15th of August 2018

Almere Deze Week is a weekly newspaper with local news for the inhabitants of Almere. It is published in Dutch. Below you find summaries of a selection of the articles of this week’s edition translated into English for the community of International Almere.

All summaries have been translated with the permission of the editors of “Almere Deze Week”. The board of international Almere wishes to hank Courtesie ( for their quick and accurate work to translate the summaries into English, so that the international community of Almere can be informed and feel connected with the city they live in.

The original articles in Dutch can be found in the hard copy version of “Almere Deze Week” and online via this link: The page numbers behind the titles refer to the pages of the newspaper where the articles can be found.

Below you find summaries of 6 articles with the following titles:

  1. KAF results heavily disappointing
  2. Almere DIT WEEKEND – in your mailbox on Friday, 7th September
  3. Number of wasp reports increasing
  4. Water police contribute to safety in water-rich Almere
  5. Almere residents provide free holidays in Italy for fellow citizens
  6. Join Almere’s 30 km run on 30 September


KAF results heavily disappointing (page 1)

By Marcel Beijer

STAD CENTRUM – KAF (Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland) failed, by a big margin, to achieve last year’s budgeted results. Although there were more visitors to the premises, the number of paying entrants to the theatre, expo, academy and Citylounge (catering) was heavily disappointing. This is evident in KAF’s 2017 annual report.


Due to the political recess, Alderman Hilde van Garderen (VVD) has not yet seen the annual report. “But of course I have already received some signals. I am not going to say anything about it yet. There will be a management meeting with the KAF after the recess and I think it’s fair that this will give KAF ample opportunity to clarify the figures.” Van Garderen also points to the cultural plan that is currently being drawn up, which naturally includes KAF. “It’s clear to me that we need to be able to do more with this beautiful, iconic building. The future redesign of the Esplanade will bring the KAF ‘closer’ to the center.”

KAF draws far fewer paying visitors than expected. (Archive photo: Almere DEZE WEEK)


New: Almere DIT WEEKEND – in your mailbox on Friday, 7th September (page 1)

ALMERE – Almere Stad and Poort will get a second newspaper as from Friday, 7 September – Almere DIT WEEKEND (Almere This Weekend). The initials ‘ADW’ are no coincidence.  As Almere DEZE WEEK (Almere This Week) will publish this second, Friday edition.

The Tuesday newspaper, Almere DEZE WEEK, will remain the source for news and background stories, interviews, articles and sections on homes, going out, sport and politics. Almere DIT WEEKEND will offer ‘lighter’ content, focusing on Saturday and Sunday, with fun reader promotions, recreation and entertainment tips, weekend news and weekend columns.

For more information, also for advertisers, phone 036-5300765 or email info@almereditweekend.


Municipality acts on threat to public, Number of wasp reports increasing (page 5)

By Robert Mienstra

ALMERE – The wasp nuisance in Almere is increasing rapidly. “Years ago, we received fewer than ten reports per year”, says Rob Bulsing, ‘Schoon’ supervisor at the municipality. “Two years ago we had 20 reports. Today we have already passed that number for 2018.”

“If a wasp stings you, remain alert. When it stings, a substance is released that alerts other wasps to danger. So they can also attack”, says Bulsing. “The same applies if you kill a wasp. The same substance is released and other wasps are triggered to go on the attack. Always remove a dead wasp and then clean the surface well to remove this substance. And never strike a wasp. Blowing it away is safest. The wasp experiences that as wind.”

Wasp nests can occur anywhere. And they are useful creatures. (Photo: Adobe Stock)


Water police contribute to safety in water-rich Almere (page 7)

By Robert Mienstra

ALMERE – The disturbance on the Weerwater lasted only a few minutes. The Almere water police had spotted a red speedboat behaving strangely, opposite Lumièrestrand beach.

This week Almere DEZE WEEK went on patrol, spending an afternoon on the police boat.

Warm welcome
It’s striking that most skippers warmly welcome the police officers; that their presence is appreciated. There is almost always a greeting or a short chat. Children ashore wave and dance when their boat passes. “The public value our presence, they are very positive”, the officers say. Then add, laughing, “Well, not always”.

From left: Hans Jansen, Andries Sloterwijk and Ro Teunissen wait for the lock in De Kromme Wetering. “We’re there to promote safety on the water.” (Photo: Almere DEZE WEEK)


Almere residents provide free holidays in Italy for fellow citizens (page 9)

ALMERE – Whether it’s a week in the Veluwe, camping in France or a trek through Canada, most children and young people will go on holiday this summer. Those who cannot go on vacation are often those with the biggest need to do so. Hans Wendel and Berbara van Doorne of the Il Rifugio foundation want precisely this group to enjoy a week of vacation. And they have done something about it. Last week their first guests flew from Almere to Italy.

Almere residents Hans and Berbara have bought Il Rifugio, in the Italian region of Tuscany. Two habitable houses, a fruit orchard and a large meadow. It’s no coincidence that the first families that have been offered a week’s holiday at Il Rifugio also come from Almere. “We focus on families and children whom we know will benefit from a week of relaxation in a new environment”, says Berbara. “As a result of our volunteer work, these are mainly Almere families and children from children’s homes in Poland.” The first Almere guests are enthusiastic: “I don’t have to worry about anything. All I have to do is enjoy it here.”

The Il Rifugio foundation survives on donations. The organization has ANBI status, which means donations are tax-deductible, even if the contribution is in kind. For more information visit

Time to enjoy a holiday in Tuscan Italy. (Photo: supplied)


Join Almere’s 30 km run on 30 September (page 19)

POORT – ‘De 30 van Almere’ (the Almere 30) will be run on Sunday, 30 September. Last year more than six hundred runners participated and fast times were set.

Topsporthal will be the epicenter of the 30 of Almere for the third consecutive time. This is a convenient venue for picking up your race number, changing clothes, having a rest or a massage, or just sitting down for a chat.
Kids Runs (of 1 and 2 kilometers) and a 5 kilometer run will again be available. So there’s something for every runner, whether you are preparing for an autumn marathon or just want to participate in a fun, social run.

Last year more than six hundred runners participated in Almere’s 30. (Archive photo: Fred Rotgans)


Note: All of the above-mentioned articles were originally written in Dutch and published by “Almere Deze Week”, edition 15thof August. The summaries were translated for International Almere by Courtesie International Business Affairs

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