About the Board

The board are all volunteers who dedicate their time and enthusiasm in ensuring that the internal workings of International Almere run smoothly – these are the people behind and in front of the scenes:

On 15th April we held our EGM to elect a new board. We had an amazing turnout and we would like to thank everyone who turned up and everyone who voted by proxy.

You are the members and the members make IA. It is good to know there are so many people supporting us.

Now we would like to introduce ourselves: your new board (in the photo) are: Brenda (social media), Tyla(secretary), Connie (treasurer), Margaret (chairman) and Teresa (events). It may take us a little time to find our feet, but we’re looking forward to the challenge!

If you have any ideas, offers, comments or complaints we would like to hear from you. Please keep giving us feedback and that way we can move forward.

You can reach us at info@internationalalmere.com


Banking information
Account Name: Ver International Almere
Account No: 5570680
Bank: ING
IBAN: NL89INGB0005570680

International Almere is registered with Almere’s Chamber of Commerce (KvK) under the number 32168790.
International Almere’s Tax ( Fiscaal ) number is 822076123.
International Almere is a SBBI ( Sociaal belang behartigende instellingen ) by tax definition.