About the Board (and other important things)

The board are all volunteers who dedicate their time and enthusiasm in ensuring that the internal workings of International Almere run smoothly – these are the people behind and in front of the scenes –

Director – Doreen Riensema (director@internationalalmere.com)

Social Media & Marketing- Stephanie Ernst (marketing@internationalalmere.com)

Treasurer –  Gerard Danks (treasurer@internationalalmere.com)

Secretary –  Thomas Besuijen (secretary@internationalalmere.com)

Events  Manager – Norma Holding (events@internationalalmere.com)

Or email us at info@internationalalmere.com!

And some general information about International Almere –

For all website questions:   Please email website@internationalalmere.com

Mobile number: 0647 205 595 (evenings after 8pm and weekends only)

Mailing Address: Vrije Zeestraat 42, 1335 VV

Account Name: Ver International Almere
Account No: 5570680
Bank: ING
IBAN: NL89INGB0005570680

International Almere is registered with Almere’s Chamber of Commerce ( KvK ) under the number 32168790.
International Almere’s Tax ( Fiscaal ) number is 822076123.
International Almere is a SBBI ( Sociaal belang behartigende instellingen ) by tax definition.