AGM 2013 Minutes

International Almere AGM 2013 Minutes


  • Welcome and Official Opening. (Co-Director)
  • Apologies (Secretary)
    -Becky Riddle
    -Dominique Du Toit
    -Ruud Polle
    -Carrie Lynn Salikin
    -Olivier Falk-Ronne
    -Caroline Mackie
    -Carina Grauvogel
  • Reading and acceptance of minutes of previous AGM
    Nicole Peetsma-Epker
    -The minutes from the 2012 AGM have not been read out.  Two people from previous AGM were needed to read out the 2012 minutes. No two people were present that were also at the last AGM meeting. So this was passed on as according by IA bylaw.
    Moved by Ema Vieira Martins.  Seconded by: Mrina Hol
  • Business arising from previous AGM minutes.
    Since the minutes from the 2012 AGM were not read out loud, there was no business that needed to be discussed.
    • Reports –
      • Outgoing Director
      • Co-Director
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary
      • Events

Reports were not read out.  Everyone who was there either A) read them or B) didn’t want to hear them read out.  Everyone was happy about the reports though.
Reports had been sent out to IA Paid Members a few weeks prior to the AGM.

  • General Business (Co Director)
    • New Business
    • Business arising from reports
    • Motions and Proposals
      -Caroline Mackie – Charities
      -Caroline suggested that IA should help out Charities. IA did help out F.A.R.E., a non-profit organization that collects goods from donators and distributes to those who are under privileged.  IA has had two food drives for them at our First Friday Night Drinks.
      -If IA makes money on events then that extra money has to go back into the IA account for a next event.
      -It has been suggested instead of donating to charities for IA to organize volunteering events.  Eg. Help paint a school that needs painting.   Giving back to the community.
      It has been suggested to form a committee of volunteers.  3 or 5 (needs to be an uneven number) for the committee board. Advertise this on our FB page.
      Potential Volunteers for committee or just volunteering: Connie Koorevaar-Goecks, Ema Martins,
      Ivilina Boneva.
      Brenda Van Kessel-Perez Bernabe will look into it.
      IA needs to Ask Caroline Mackie if she would like to also help out.
      The Committee will take care of the volunteers and
      with the volunteering projects.
      This was however, unmoved nor seconded.  In verbal terms.  But it was discussed to great lengths.

-Dominique Du Toit – Information Gathering

  • People were unsure of what Dominique had meant by her motion.
    She had suggested that IA gets more info on people so that we can plan events according to how many kids in a family and their ages, their cultures/backgrounds.
  • Many people were against information gathering.  They would like their privacy as well.  Some didn’t think it was important, But because Dominique wasn’t there to clarify her exact meaning, motion was unmoved.


(Has been agreed that people who give in their motions and/or suggestions should be at the AGM meeting itself so that they can read their part and explain anything that needs to be clarified) 

Unanimous vote on this (for people giving suggestions). YES


  • Declaration of open position – Director (Co-Director)
  • Nominations received
    -Stephanie Ernst Milner –Declined. She is already Co-Director.  Also, she is going on pregnancy leave.
    -Maarten Muijs –Flattered, but declined
    – Gerard Danks: Accepted.  Vote: Yes: 14 (3 were proxy)
    Anonymous: Declined.
  • Voting
  • Invitation to New Director to take over meeting
    Gerard Danks.
  • Nominations and voting for Life Member
    -Nominees: Connie Koorevaar-Goecks
    -IA has given Connie a plaque with the IA logo.  Also gift vouchers to the cinema.  A bouquet of flowers. For all her hard work that she has done over the past 3 years with IA.  Connie is now an IA life member.
    -Everyone was in accord with this.
    -Becky Riddle is still a life member.
    -Life members should be renamed to IA Hall of Fame. 
  • Presentations (Director)
    -Paid memberships will still be €10.00 per person for the 2014 year.  Voted: Unanimous.
    -Next year People who want to donate money to IA may do so. On top of their €10.00 yearly fee.
    -2013 had 76 paid members.

-IA will be staying at the Apollo hotel for First Friday Night Drinks and Quiz night.  1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. The people at Apollo treat IA very well.  We see no reason to move our FND and Quiz location.
-For the other Friday nights in the month, people can plan their own activities eg:. Go to another bar

  • Date of next meeting (Director)
    -AGM held at the beginning of the year.  (Voted in) No
    Connie suggested that the financial part of IA shouldn’t be in part with the AGM.  It should be available in the New Year. So all accounting is on the paper.  So, February the Financial report can be made available to those who would like it.
    -People are in agreement to this.
    -Only to the paid members of IA as part of their benefits.
    -In February because January the new list of paid members starts over.

Next Meeting is Friday, November 14th, 2014

  • Close. 20:02