AGM 2014 Minutes

Held June 13th, 2014 at the Apollo Hotel, Almere

Welcome and Official Opening. Open 20:00

In Attendance: Kylie Soutar. Eric Hanson. Irma van der Weide. Kay Splint. Brenda van Kessel. Stijn Van Kessel. Ema Martins. Connie Su Koorevaar-Goecks. Sarah Leonard. Nicole Peetsma-Epker. Gerard Danks. Stephanie Ernst. Carly Bridgeman. Ivilina Boneva. Tim De Jong.



Becky Riddle, Alex Van Zanten It was suggested that instead of having “Apologies” that there should be an attendance list instead. If there is voting, people who read the minutes know who voted for the proposals etc.

Reading and acceptance of minutes of previous meeting 

  • – It was motioned to not read the AGM 2013 minutes. Moved by: Kylie Souter. Seconded by: Eric Hanson>

Business arising from previous AGM minutes

It was asked how many people were paid members last year and this year. Last year we had 76 paid members. This year to this date we have 55.

Reports –


  • -The director has asked for help to bring people back in. To First Friday night drinks (FFND), Quiz Night (IAQuiz) and other events.
  • -Suggested to the Director to start handing out the IA business cards, and to give some to Apollo’s head bar tender for them to hand out as well.



  • -If people have any feedback please feel free to give the IA board your feedback.
  • -2013 IA Birthday party was advertised as a big party, but it wasn’t so. People were upset about false advertising. It was said that it was just a fancy First Friday night drinks. There were complaints about snacks and no fancy cake. Some pictures were taken at the birthday and the then webmaster demanded pictures from this person for the website. This person was not happy. If IA holds an official event, they need to have a designated photographer.
  • -Suggestion – the more photos to be put up on Facebook or the website, IA will attract more people, because then we look like a more active group.
  • -We need permission from people to put up pictures of them on the Facebook and Website. We now have a permission form to help with this.
  • -When the events are sent out, put on the event that pictures will be taken to be posted on the Facebook page and website.
  • -Problems with uploading pictures to the website in the past. New webmaster now so it should be ok now.
  • -Kudos to our Co-Director/Events on the good job that they are doing.



  • -Add the attendance numbers of First Friday night drinks and Quiz night. People can then see how well it was attended and how much money was made or not made.
  • -Regular Monthly Expenses and Networking expenses should show more detail. This way people know what each monthly expense is. However, this was only given on this report as an indication. All agreed on this point.
  • – The IA Cook Book is on hold till the next bake off. This way there will be more recipes to add to the book, a bigger book and cheaper to produce. Ivilina Boneva can help with the production of the email version.
  • -It has been noticed that communication between IA board members needs improving. The board has committed to working towards this and providing a unified front.



  • – Since the secretary’s report was published, our Secretary has decided to step down.
  • -IA’s Day out to the zoo made a few people upset. There wasn’t enough information and it appeared that the board was not unified on this. There was a lot of complaining in the thread about this. It appears this might have put people off.

General Business

New Business

  • -There was a lot talk about Marketing. Someone should be nominated to oversee all marketing for IA, perhaps a new person to come in with fresh ideas.
  • -Ivilina Boneva has been asked if she would like to join the IA board. Ivilina declined. She will stay on the sidelines and help out when needed. The idea of joining will be left on the “table” for the future.
  • -IA board was asked about the sponsorship plan done by Helen Maynard Hill. IA board has replied back that we do not need any sponsorships right now. Our financials are stable at this point in time. It was asked why, if the financials are doing well then why the zoo wasn’t subsidized since it was a big event. IA board replied with The Christmas dinner is the big event. It was indicated that people don’t see a problem raising money for other big events to make it cheaper. IA board would like to know why every event needs to be subsidized.
  • -It was asked how many family events there were last year. There were 4.
  • – It was agreed that the IA board should advertise for a 5th position for voting purposes.
  • -Application period will be held for one month from when the dates opens. The board will review candidates before opening the vote to all paid members.
  • -Meeting after August 18th to vote in new IA board members.
  • -Secretary and General Board Member positions are now open. Advertising will start Monday, June 16th.
  • – A post in the IA Quiz thread this past month made by the Director seems have come across as very arrogant. A reminder was made that we need to remember how things will come across to others. -Everyone needs to reread what they write before the press their send buttons.


Business arising from reports

  • When a position opens on the IA board, why do people need to be nominated in? If a job opens up people can email their resumes/CV’s to the info account. The board members can then choose the person who is best for the position. Just like applying for a regular job. A discussion came up on the bylaws and statutes and it was agreed that a meeting needed to be held to review these as there are some issues. This meeting will be held later in the year for all members to have their say.


Motions and Proposals

  • – It was decided that the Membership packages will have their own meeting. There were lots of ideas and suggestions that could be covered better with a special dedicated meeting.
  • -There will be a membership committee with 1 board member heading it. It was suggested that it be board member with children, so that they can help more with the family package.
  • -Next time with proposals in the AGM booklet, put the peoples name on their proposals.

Nominations and voting for Life Member

  • – Stephanie Ernst has nominated Sarah Leonard for Life Member. Vote: Unanimous

Date of next meeting

  • Friday April 24th, 2015 20:00


  • 22:45