AGM 2012 Minutes

International Almere Annual General Meeting 2012




Location:  Apollo Hotel, AlmereDate and time:  Friday 2nd November 2012, 19.20Apologies:

Katy van Kuylenberg Judith Tordoir
Becky Riddle Colleen Burke
Danny Boekholt Cheryl Moolhuijzen
Stephanie Ernst-Milner Tais Nucci Diesel
Maarten Muijs Brenda Perez Barnabe


Chairwoman’s report

An overview of the last twelve months was given including a list of all the events put on.  Events were:

  • 20 Friday social evenings
  • 11 Quiz nights
  • 10 International Board Games evenings
  • Breakfast at Hema twice per month
  • Short golf day at Swifterbant
  • Halloween party (upcoming)
  • 2nd birthday celebration
  • Holiday Dinner (upcoming)
  • Ladies Movie Nights at Utopolis
  • Libelle Zomerweek

International Almere also volunteered to assist at the Groetjes Uit Thailand event and Afrikadag, both held at the Kemphaan.

The social media presence was expanded, with more focus being placed on sharing via the website:, Twitter: and Facebook:

In all, International Almere has become one of the best known and most active expat groups in the Netherlands.

Statutes were created with the accompanying by-laws (in draft form, to be passed at this AGM).

Lessons learned:

  • Financing events is a difficult and expensive process.  With the loss of sponsorship from the WTCAA in 2012, other ways of gathering funds had to be found.  Thus, fundraising is a crucial hurdle facing the group in 2012 and heading into 2013. There has so far been an effort to build partnerships with various organisations to create a strong foundation to raise funds.

An overview of the draft by-laws raised the following points (motion):

  • Article 13 contains a discrepancy between the Dutch and English versions when discussing “Board Members.”  Action (board):  This will be amended.
  • Article 11 discusses the Chairperson holding the deciding vote in the eventuality of no majority being reached.  This is in conflict with the statutes, which indicate that a motion will be rejected in the case of no majority being found.  Action (board):  The by-laws will be amended.
  • A life member should be more clearly defined.  Action (board): The agreed terminology is to be:  “A life member will have the same obligations and benefits as a member, but the fee will be waived.”

It was agreed that the next AGM would be held in November 2013, with a prognosis for December in place of an overview held in January.


Treasurer’s report

An overview of the financial report was given, addressing the following points:

  • The 2012 opening balance was €1663.16
  • No funding or grants have been received in 2012.
  • A savings account was opened and the current account (not the savings account) attracts fees based on transactions.
  • At the moment of the AGM, there was €358.60 in petty cash, €384.92 in the current account and €1920.00 in savings.  There is also a €20.00 cash float.  In total:  €2683.52 on hand.
  • The most profitable event was the BBQ, with the International Board Games being the least profitable, only just breaking even over the year.  The quiz night is a regular success, garnering a profit for the group each month.
  • The projected income from ticket sales at the Holiday Dinner will be around €900.
  • In 2010 the WTCAA contributed €2500, plus a venue for the Christmas party at an estimated expense of €10K and 2011 the contribution was €10 000 with no supplied venue.

Lessons learned:

  • The Holiday Dinner is by far the biggest expense for the year.  The room hire alone is costing €1500.  Finding a less expensive venue was not possible this year, however it was made clear that the Board needs help to find a similar sized, cheaper venue for 2013.
  • One of the biggest financial hurdles that the group has faced in 2012 is attendees paying for events within the timeframe.  This makes it very difficult to plan events and pay necessary deposits etc.


Goals for the coming year

An outline of the goals for the coming 12 months:

  • Continue the Friday night events as they are.
  • Planning to hold between 3 and 5 major events in 2013.
  • Expanding the board to five members (motion).  The current secretary (Nerissa Muijs) is stepping down as of the beginning of December 2012.

Nominated positions and candidates:

Co-director/Events:  Stephanie Ernst-Milner (nominated by Connie Koorvaer-Goecks)

Co-secretary/Events (title to be clarified):  Carly Bridgeman (nominated by Nerissa Muijs)

Secretary:  Nicole Peetsma-Epker

  • Potentially hold a charity event or raise funds to be donated directly to a charity (motion).  Concerns were raised about International Almere committing to a financial obligation to donate funds to an external charity.  There is potentially room for charity if International Almere is financially solvent and AGM attendees more interested in furthering International Almere’s cause before looking to charities.

Sponsorship Goals:

  • Working with Helen Maynard-Hill to set fundraising goals and a structured method of fundraising.
  • The Almere city council and Oranjefonds have both been approached to request funding.
  • We need the help of the members to approach sponsors and follow leads; it must be a collective effort.

Membership package (motion):

To move forward the board believes that a voluntary list of members is necessary and has been outlined in the statutes (  The package will begin as of 01 January 2013.

A voluntary membership package has been drafted, as follows:

  • The 2013 cost for membership will be €10.00 per person.
  • The first drink free at the First Friday Drinks (first Friday of the month).
  • A 20% discount on entry to specified organised events.
  • Priority tickets to organised events (a window of opportunity to pay for tickets prior to the event being made available to the wider International Almere community).
  • A membership card.

Membership terms and conditions for 2013:

  • Membership for 2013 is at a cost of €10.00 per adult. Any children of the member are also eligible for entry discounts, but partners are not.
  • Membership is valid for one calendar year (01 January – 31 December) or part thereof.  Part-year memberships are not possible.
  • A life member will have the same obligations and benefits as members, but the fee will be waived.

Life member (motion):

As defined in the statutes, there is the capacity for a life member.  The board proposes a possible one life member per year, with nominations to be received prior to the AGM.

Nominated life member for 2013:  Becky Riddle (nominated by Colleen Burke)



The draft by-laws have been accepted by majority vote.The new board members are as follows:

  • Co-director/Events:  Stephanie Ernst-Milner (majority)
  • Co-secretary/Events (title to be clarified):  Carly Bridgeman (unanimous)
  • Secretary:  Nicole Peetsma-Epker (unanimous)

The voluntary membership package has been accepted by a unanimous vote.

Becky Riddle will be International Almere’s first life member, by majority vote.

There will be no financial charity obligation for International Almere in 2013, by majority vote.


Any other business Nerissa Muijs is stepping down from the secretarial role, she will continue to maintain and edit the International Almere website, especially as the site is now generating monthly income from advertising on a pay per impression basis.   It is a very large task to create quality content and needs input from other people.The following members have volunteered to help create content:

  • Eric Hanson
  • Carina Grauvogel
  • Juliette Kuijpers ter Weijden
  • Rebecca Manfredi

 Action:  Nerissa Muijs to follow up with volunteers to increase content and traffic.


Thank you

Close: 21.05