AGM 2016 Minutes

International Almere AGM Minutes

AGM 2016 held 26th February at Apollo Hotel, Almere at 20:00 p.m.


Gerard, Stephanie, Doreen, Norma, Maryam, Irma, Eric, Kylie, Kai, Zac, Frank, Nate, and Thomas.

 Proxy votes recorded:  Eric voting for Connie, Maryam voting for Stijn, Stephanie voting for Brenda and Caroline, Gerard voting for Margreet.

  1. A quick review of AGM’s minutes were read by the Director.


Business Point of View.

  1. It was mentioned about all changes for better from a business aspect in the last year. 1-a)  A brief explanation of all efforts for having a larger group.

1-b)  Despite of heavy spending, IA still is in a good financial situation.                                            

2. Some questions were asked about financial report.

2-a)  It was asked about VNS subscription and was explained about 8 people who paid in December 2015 for 2016.

2-b) It was asked why there is no explanation (breakdown of costs) about some events, e.g, Easter.                                                                                                               2-c) It was asked about the strategy of Kids Halloween party and the amount of people in the last Halloween event.  A very detailed explanation was given by the board. It was explained how the old strategy of offering everything free for members still has a negative effect on each single current events.

  1. It was asked what is the intention of continuing Quiz Night while it has no financial benefit for IA. It was said that if until end of this year goes like this, we will reassess or stop the Quiz Night.
  2. It was asked about IA’s insurance and bank balance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Marketing Point of View

  1. It was explained particularly about Social Media and its effect on IA. e.g, Facebook, Almere in English and Google+. There was a brief explanation about Social Media’s statistics which was shown in chart.                                                  The highlight of discussion emphasised about IA’s new strategy which does not want to be just Facebook centric.
  2. It was asked how “Buiten Mums” name was chosen, as it can turn down people – who are not living in Buiten or are not mums- to join. The board will talk to Margaret about it.
  3. It was asked if Apollo Hotel can charge IA less?                                                                                                                                                  


IA’s New Website


Why new design?

Because IA does not want to be just a Facebook centric. So in addition to Social Media, we want to have a real reputable user friendly website. A website which is attractive for both IA members and potential members.


The website designer explained briefly about a new design, also suggested to have a section about writing articles which are related to people’s questions. Also mentioned was the monthly number of viewers; currently 2000 page views.





There were 5 proposals. Three proposals from Doreen, one from Thomas and one from Connie


  1. To enable more members to attend the december events, I would like to suggest to open some kind of saving account for members. Those members could pay every month a certain amount – e.g. €5 euro monthly to attend december dinner and don’t have to worry about the extra costs in december. – Doreen


    As IA already offers spread payments for those that request it, it was felt this required no further discussion.


  1. ·        Food is a big part of culture and the feeling of home. What about a cooking group? There must be cooking studios to rent and foodies who would love to cook and eat together.  – Doreen


    Doreen had already been looking into this, and as soon as a suitable space becomes available it will be investigated further.

  1. ·        I would like to propose to reconsider the current membership fee structure.  Since the fee is very low and non paying members enjoy largely the same benefits as paying members, there is very little interest in becoming a paid member. I believe raising the fee and delivering more and exclusive value for money, you might attract more paying members. – Doreen


Scheduled as an independant meeting as this topic requires more discussion.



  1. ·        Can we announce our meetings on We might get more members if we have a meetup group as well. – Thomas


    This will be investigated in due course, although it was noted that having previously used MeetUp, IA had met with little success with the site.


  1. I propose the dissolution of IA as an association and that they continue on as a friends group – Connie


After heated discussion, it was decided at the time this would be a secret ballot, with only the final outcome (For/Against) be recorded; this being the majority was against the dissolution of the association.



New Open Positions & Nominations


  1. Director – Doreen Riensema

Yes                      12

Against               None

Abstentions         6


  1. Treasurer – Gerard Danks

Yes               11

Against             None

Abstentions         7


  1. General Board Members – Norma Holding

Yes               13

Against              None

Abstentions         5


  1. Life Member – Kylie & Frank

Frank with 10 votes, became a new life member of IA.


Date of Next IA Meeting

The next AGM will be held in February 10th, 2017.


Meeting dismissed at 10:25.