AGM 2017 Minutes

  1.    Welcome and Official Opening. (Director)

Open 20:35

Attending members: Doreen, Gerard, Norma, Stephanie, Thomas, Nate, Irma, Petra, Zack, Jolande, Julia. Proxy vote – Andrea via Stephanie

  1.    Apologies (Secretary)

Andrea Louw, Kay Splint

  1.    Reading and acceptance of minutes of previous AGM (must be by 2 people who attended previous AGM)

Accepted as good. Moved: Norma. Seconded: Petra

  1.    Business arising from previous AGM minutes. (Note – No NEW business can be discussed here)

Meetup use: It had again been looked into, but at this point it was felt that paying for the service was of little to no financial point at this time

  1.    Reports –

–  Director

– Treasurer

  1.    General Business (Director)

– New Business

    – Activity Report

    –  Social Media and Marketing

– 2018 plans

Expand Twitter use, further use of LinkedIn. FFND now officially at Cafe op 2 due to new contract with aforementioned. Create more Almere-centric online content. Create more direct content from website. Idea: advertise for “editorial staff”  for IA?

New business cards to be drawn up.

Photos to be sent to Steph for InstaGram usage.

– Business arising from reports

No business arose

– Motions and Proposals

Proposal for new membership pricing


  • Abolish the membership fee. Moved: Stephanie Seconded: Petra


        For: 12 Against: 0 Abstain: 0

    2) A proposal for an alternate paid membership scheme was also brought forward, but withdrawn at the last minute.

  1.    Declaration of Open Board Positions


  1.    Voting for Open Board Positions

    Thomas Besuien: For: 11 Against: 0 Abstain: 1

  1.    Declaration Of Life Member

    Mark Niekel is now a life member

  1. Date of next meeting (Director)

    Next AGM date to be confirmed. Option of EGM in the 2nd half of 2017 (September)

  1. Thanks


  1.  Close.