Events & Activities

Book Reading Club
An international club of book lovers that gather every month to discuss books. Based on a list that is created together with all members of the club, every month a new book is selected that everyone reads that month. Then it will be discussed during the next gathering. This event is hosted by one of our members, Svetlana Gepolova. If you want to join, you can. Simply send an e-mail to Svetlana to discuss details:

Dutch Language Cafe
Twice a month we organize Dutch Language Cafe, where you can practise your Dutch. No rules, except one: You can talk about anything, but it can only be in Dutch. This way you have the opportunity to practise your conversation skills with patient people. During the cafe there are other people like you who are learning Dutch, aswell as native Dutch speakers. You’ll see your conversation skills improve after every Dutch Language cafe. For more information and a video, click here.

First Friday Night drink
Come along in Cafe op 2 and meet other internationals living in Almere. We meet at 8pm of each first Friday night of the month and at 9pm there is karaoke night. Click here for more information.

Quiz Night
The only English language pub quiz in Almere. And if you are Dutch and need help with the English, we’ll help you in Dutch to understand. Come alone and join a team on the spot, or bring your own team members. Click here for more information in a video.

Buiten Borrel
An informal gathering in the Almere Buiten district. Make friends, meet others in the same neighborhood or at an other part of town as where you live. Click here for more information.

ABCDE Playgroup
The playgroup is a social group of international and local Moms, Dads and Carers of children between the ages of 0 and 4. The group provides support and contact for families with kids (or planning to have kids) who just moved to Almere in a welcoming safe and fun environment where children can learn and develop the importance of social skills through play while Moms and Dads alike have the chance to socialise and exchange thoughts about parenthood. Click here for more information in a video.
Note: ABCDE Playgroup is a separate entity who as a partner of International Almere services the international parents in Almere with young children.

Easter Egg Hunt
For kids and their parents a nice gathering around Easter. Egg Hunting, games and socialising for the parents. Click here for a video with impressions of the Egg Hunt of 2018 and with interviews with some attendees.

Below you find a calendar with planning per month of the activities as well as special days.

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