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Things we do together. Seriously, come and join in. Don’t be afraid, we are all nice and clean and lots of smiles.

Volunteers Night!

Volunteers Night!

We are holding a get together for everyone who wants to get involved in International Almere activities.
If you have any ideas you’d like to share…
If you have any skills that could be useful…
If you have a few hours to help at events…
If you would like to be involved and support the group in whichever way works for you…
Or even if you just want to come along and hear what is said…

We will meet at

Het Baken Park Lyceum
Bunuellaan 4
1325 PL Almere
Tuesday 28th May 19.30

See you on the 28th!


Invitation Snack & Share Christmas Event

Download here as PDF

We are very excited to invite you to the

International Almere Snack & Share Christmas event.

Date: Saturday, 15 December 2018

Time: 16:00 to 20:00

Place: BierFabriek, Apollo Hotel, 1st Floor, Koetsierbaan 2, Almere City


The theme of the event is “Snack and Share”. International Almere is a community with many different cultures. During the Snack & Share event we want to give everyone the opportunity to have a taste of different cultures via food of different kitchens of the world.

How does it work?
Everyone who joins the event brings a platter of snacks (something you can eat with your hands). Your platter must be enough for let’s say 10 to 15 people (or more if you want). You can cook the snacks yourself or buy them in a shop. It would be nice if the snack is somehow related to your own background/tradition/culture.

For example, if you are from India, you may want to bring a platter of samosas. If you are from Mexico, you may want to bring a bowl of tortilla chips with guacamole. If you are from Hungary, you may want to bring Kürtőskalács. If you are from Italy, you may want to bring slices of pizza. Etcetera.

We kindly ask you to also bring a description of the food, in English, with some background information about it (country, when is the snack usually consumed in your country?, etcetera). Also, please mention the ingredients of the snack, so that people with allergies or vegetarians will know if they can taste or not.

You can choose to bring something out of three categories: sweet or savory or vegetarian. Hopefully there will be a good balance between what everyone will bring. But just to be sure, we would like to know upfront, what you will bring. If everyone, for example, will only bring something sweet, then we will contact a few of you with the request to bring something of another category. We will place all the platters on tables and that way we will have a multicultural buffet.

You don’t have to bring something to drink. Interational Amere will make sure there are drinks available, free of charge for you. We charge no entrance fee, so your only costs will be (the ingredients of) the snacks.

We are currently organizing a diverse programme of entertainment for the event. For the kids we will organize fun activities they can occupy themselves with. If you have ideas about entertainment, then please let us know, maybe we can fit it into the program.

How to register?
To register please send us an email to and let us know:

  1. how many people (alone/with someone else/with your family (if applicable: the age of your children);
  2. what snacks you will bring.

Kindly register latest by Monday 3rd of December.

We look forward to the event and hope to see you then.

The Snack & Share team

Air Li
Svetlana Gepolova
Amanda Liggins
Edwina Kannemeyer-Snelting
Michel Daenen

Download here as PDF



Internationals in Almere are welcome at the FREE music festival this weekend – Popronde Almere 2017!

Guest Post by Jens Lendering, producer of Popronde Almere!

This Saturday (September 30th), the city centre will transform into a music festival landscape as the Popronde will land there for the eight time. The newest and hottest upcoming Dutch (and international) acts will present themselves for free (gratis!). Popronde Almere hosts 38 shows at 15 different locations with stages within shops, restaurants, bars, cafés and even on the street. If you are an expat living in Almere, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know great locations within Almere as well as new bands that may even break through and become big artists. After reading this guide, you will know everything you need to get started! Continue reading Internationals in Almere are welcome at the FREE music festival this weekend – Popronde Almere 2017!

Important Venue Change Announcement!

As you may know by now, our traditional home of First Friday Night Drinks, the Apollo Hotel is closed for renovations until December (and we can’t WAIT to see what their new look is going to be!)

We’re so lucky in Almere to have other great venues willing to come on board and take us – so we’re happy to announce our temporary home is none other than the fantastic CafeOp2 on the Stadhuisplein! (Members will still get their first drinks on us).

So why not pop on down to the Stadhuisplein on October 7th at 8pm, check out our temporary digs and enjoy a drink with some amazing people!


Holiday Season Appeal – Can you help us?

It’s August, and being the busy little bees we are, we’re already planning ahead to December and our annual holiday festivities.

December’s holiday season is is a difficult time of year for our families.

Many do not have the opportunity to travel back to their home country, and often spend the holiday period alone, thousands of miles from their loved ones. We aim to try to alleviate this by hosting events aimed at keeping the festive spirit for everyone.

Every year, we plan 2 parties – one for the kids of the group, and one for the adults.  The kids party has magicians, crafts, gifts and a visit from Santa. The adults party is a sit down, 3 course dinner designed to provide a night of  relaxation and a festive atmosphere before the stress of the holiday period starts.

It’s increasingly difficult financially to put on these events, without eating into our reserve funds.

This year we are looking for a little help from all of you to spread our message and make our 2016 Holiday parties the best ones yet!

We are specifically looking for donations of raffle/tombola prizes, financial donations to help subsidise the cost of the children’s event, sponsoring a family in difficulty (financial, medical etc), or even just volunteer some of your time to help us organise the event, approach potential sponsors or be there on the day to help run an activity.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the amount of support we get as to how awesome the party is, and more importantly, how cheap we can put it on for.  We are a group of volunteers, and we very rarely call out for help – but this time we need you! If you can help us in any way – donations, financially or volunteering – click here and send a message through to us about how you can help us make 2016’s December events the ones to remember! (And don’t forget to share the message – the more people who see it, the more chances we have of people helping us!)

christmas appeal holiday webpage email

Don’t forget to register … Getting to know Poort is this week!

This sponsored post contains affiliate links to our sponsor – the Atlas of Amsterdam. 

It’s time for our annual photo hunt ! June 4th at 2pm – meet us at the bus station at Almere Poort and get to know Almere’s newest section – Almere Poort! (Sponsored by the Atlas of Amsterdam). This is a free, fun and family friendly event, but everyone is welcome to join in!

Continue reading Don’t forget to register … Getting to know Poort is this week!

Another shock win at Quiz Night!

In another exciting night of Quiz Night, the Upside Downers were again knocked off their perch by another new team – De Slim Club!  With first place taken with 69 points, a clear 11 point margin over second place, is it time to call the days of domination by the Upside Downers ended? Are we seeing a new trend?  Only one way to find out? Come along next month and see who will take the title!


Welcome back in 2016!

It’s been a while since we caught up with everyone, and for that we’re really sorry!  Things have been crazy around our offices with the holidays and even some of the board being on holidays across the globe.  Thankfully, everyone is back in one piece and we’re excited that 2016 is shaping up to be a great year!

Become A Member.

We’ve updated our events policy and placed a copy on the website and in our Facebook Group so it’s easier for everyone to see.  Please take a moment to read through – nothing has changed, but now it’s all in one place.

February is a busy month! Check out the flyer below for all our upcoming activities – but not only do we have First Friday Night Drinks starting back, and our Quiz Night, but our faithful new regular event, the “Buiten Mums Night” is back.

Mark the date as well – February 26th is our AGM. This year we’ve started a dedicated section on our website for the AGM so you’ll be able to see all the information before we start!

As always, you can keep up to date by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or simply tuning into our calendar here on the website!

Hoping to see you all soon at one of our events,

Gerard and the International Almere team.

Here's what's on the plans for February!

“Buiten Mums” Night!

What an amazing night out in Almere Buiten!  October 19th saw us getting together at an old, but favourite haunt of ours – the GrandCafe Seventies Eighties.  The night proved to be a popular one, so you’ll now find us there on the second Wednesday of every month.  You don’t have to be a mum, or live in Almere Buiten to join us either – the idea just came from a group of Buiten based mums who thought it’d be nice to get out on a weeknight!  See you all on November 11th (maybe for a well earned drink after Sint Maarten? )

buiten mums october promo

International Almere

International Almere – Connecting Expats In Almere

Welcome to International Almere!

We’re a group of volunteers from all over the world whose mission it is to help others connect and meet in Almere.  We all know what it’s like to end up in another country and try to find a social network – so come along to our events (or feel free to contact us on ) and meet us.

We started with humble beginnings in 2010 – a group of ladies meeting on Friday nights for drinks, and over the past 5 years have evolved into a large group covering many nationalities and cultures, with  families, singles and couples.  Building a social network can be difficult for expats, and we aim to try to ease the transition into life here in the wonderful city of Almere.  International Almere is a volunteer based, not for profit organisation that creates opportunities for expats, internationals and internationally minded locals to create and foster friendships through regular activities and events.

We host a monthly Friday Night Drinks (held on the First Friday of every month at the Apollo Hotel, Almere Stad – Koetsierbaan 2, 1315SE Almere). You’ll find us in the restaurant area – and we’re hard to miss!

We also host a monthly Quiz night on the third Friday of the month, also at the Apollo Hotel.  You can find more details about our events by clicking here or by emailing us at . .

We also offer a membership package (which is now open for 2015!) which provides you with discounts on specified events, advance notice and registration on some events, and your first drink at our First Friday Night Drinks for free. More information, including an application form, can be found here.

More questions? Don’t be afraid to email us at

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

The Board, and Members of International Almere.


Bake Off 2013

The date – September 21, 2013.  The place – The Apollo Hotel Almere.  The Challenge – Who is International Almere’s best baker?

10 contestants lined up, each with their delicious entries ready to tantalise the judges.  The winner would be selected by popular vote – and the prize?  A voucher to Almere Haven’s own “De Leukste Taarten Shop”, bragging rights on the cover of the first IA cookbook and of course, the coveted crown of “International  Almere’s Best Baker”.

The entries were diverse. Cakes and pies and cheesecakes were all contending fiercely.  Each baker divulged their secret recipe and competition was fierce!

The Entries:

Chocolate Rasp- whatever berry cake! – Rebecca Komen

Red Velvet Cake –  Sandie Lind Pedersen

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies – Patricia and Jordan Weber 

Lemon Chiffon Cake – Dominique Du Toit

Covered Dutch apple pie – Carla Van Der Weide

Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake – Maarten Muijs

Honey Blueberry Cake – Georgina Riddle

Citrus Shortbread Bites – Becky Riddle

Quiche Recipe –  Eddie Veltman

Rum Balls – Carly Bridgeman


The judges filed in, tasted each entry and slowly, deliberately cast their votes for the best entry.  As the evening went on, the delicious treats quickly emptied, and the votes were cast.  The adjudicating panel oversaw the voting process to ensure that each vote was cast correctly …

Then, the moment of truth.  The contestants waited in anticipation for the vote counting and the crowning of the IA Best Baker.

And the winner?

Voting was fast and furious, and Maarten Muijs emerged victorious, with his entry of the Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake.  Second place was a dead heat with Sandie Lind Pedersen’s Red Velvet Cake and Eddie Veltman’s Quiche scoring the honours.

A huge congratulations to all our winners and a huge thank you to all our entrants for your fantastic baking efforts! And also a big thank you to our judges who helped decide our winners … See you at the next bake off.


Maarten and his award winning cheesecake!
Maarten and his award winning cheesecake!

Date Saver! 20th September is the Bake Off!

International Almere is organising a BAKE OFF! We have so many talented bakers, so why not let them have the chance to display their baked goods, and you to have the chance to taste them!
So save the 20th September in your agendas because it’s going to be a tasty night! So come along for drinks downstairs and taste some goodies upstairs!
For €5 per entry for non- members and €4 for members, you can enter your home made (from scratch- no packet mixes!) baked goods. If you want to enter two different products,  you are more than welcome, but its still a per entry price.
Now for those of you interested in tasting these delicious delights it’s only going to cost you €2 and you can taste them all! After you have tasted your fill you get to vote on which baked good you think is the best!
As an entrant you need to email your chosen recipe, so please don’t entre grandma’s secret sponge cake. All of these collected recipes from the entrants will be turned into a cookbook that will be available for purchase at a later date. So we know you have always wanted the recipe for Carly’s rum balls? You can wait to bake Maarten Muijs’ cheese cake? Well soon, that might just be possible!
1st PRIZE – €40 gift voucher towards the workshop of your choice at the “Leukste Taartenshop” in Almere Haven ( PLUS The front cover and starring recipe of the first International Almere Cookbook (available soon!)
2nd PRIZE – A gift pack (also from the Leukste Taartenshop) valued at €15
So get your baking hats on  because you need to get your entry form in together with the recipe and your payment to International Almere by 13th September!
Bank : ING
Name: Ver. International Almere
Account: 5570680
There are no facilities to warm food at the Apollo available, so please take this into consideration when you decide what you want to enter.
Whilst we can’t tell you what to enter, there are a few guidelines.  Baked goods in this example are cookies, cakes (cupcakes, cakepops, etc included), fruit pies, mini quiches, slices etc. We don’t have the facilities for serving or heating meals, so please no lasagnes, stews etc.  The rule of thumb is that if you can serve it for afternoon tea, a high tea etc – that is perfect.
Please send an email to  with  the following subject line “Entry for Bake Off”
Your email must contain the following:
Your name
The Name of the Recipe
The full recipe (this is for both entry into the cookbook and to address any dietary concerns).
Get baking!

How well do you know Almere?

The date – 1st September, 2013.  The challenge – with your team, find all the pictured landmarks on your page and take a photo with your team.  The result?  A fun, family day out with lots of laughs and lots to learn about our awesome city!

Meeting at the Belfort’s awesome mosaic tile seats and clocks – 30 people divided into 6 teams and were given their pictures and instructions.  And so, the race was on!

Did you know that Almere has a marker that indicates how far below sea level we are?  Where can we see all the pipes and cables that connect Almere to all it’s facilities?  Can you find the hidden beach in the city?  And where is that giant hand???

Thank you to the students of the International School Almere for their hard work on this project – without you we would not have had such a successful event.  Thank you to the families who made it out today – how much fun was it?


The crowds at the Apollo after!
The crowds at the Apollo after!
Who is this bear?
Who is this bear?
The pipes of Almere
The pipes of Almere
That giant hand!
That giant hand!
Finding the way!
Finding the way!
Tree hugging!
Tree hugging!
Group picture!
Group picture!
Gerard and Irma find their way ..
Gerard and Irma find their way ..









No Impact Week 2013

NLBE-1-240x240The No Impact Week is a one-week carbon cleanse that allows participants to experience the difference lowering their impact can have on their quality of life, their community, and their planet. The No Impact experience is about discovering how living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can increase personal fulfilment  health, happiness, and time with family and friends. Beginning Sunday March 10 participants will work through a series of eight daily challenges, from decreasing trash production and home energy use, to eating locally and sustainably. The week will wrap up with a day of Giving Back on Saturday March 16 & an Eco-Sunday of rest on Sunday March 17.

If you are an English-speaking resident of the Netherlands or Flanders that wants to take up the challenge of No Impact Week together with the other participants of No Impact Week 2013 from March 10-17, please do so! Register via this link and then send us an e-mail with a request for the English manual. We will then send you the manual used for No Impact Week in the United States. The content (especially the links) will differ, but the experience will be the same.

As most of the other participants understand English, please also participate in the discussions on Facebook! And, please send us your blogs, questions, ideas, etc.

PS Check out the news-item on No Impact Week 2010 by The Hague ExpatTV on Youtube

The No Impact Project is an international, environmental, non-profit project, founded  in the spring of 2009. It was inspired by the No Impact Man book, film, and blog. The No Impact Project was conceived by Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man, following the success of his blog, book, and film, which chronicle his family’s year-long experiment living a zero-waste lifestyle in New York City. Central to his thesis is the notion that deep-seated individual behaviour change leads to both cultural change and political engagement. Living low-impact provides a clear entry point into the environmental movement. This thesis is the bedrock of the No Impact Project.

Follow No Impact Week: @NoImpactWeekNL

Tweet using hashtag #NoImpactWeek
Like No Impact Week NL and BE on Facebook

The original article can be found here and has been republished with the full permission of the No Impact NL and BE team.

2012 International Almere Holiday Dinner Sponsor Roundup

We want to share a final round of thanks to all our wonderful sponsors who have helped to make the 2012 International Almere Holiday a reality.  We truthfully could not have put this event together without the generosity of so many companies and people.  By having dug deep and put your hands into your own pockets you have been able to help keep the cost of the event affordable for us all.

Click through the gallery of sponsors below and you can find all the related links at the bottom of this page.

Thank you so much!


The Expat Company


Suitcase Talen

PVM Notarissen

Rosa’s Fashion

Apollo Hotel Almere City Centre

Expat Mortgages

Erly Thornton Saxophonist

Soap Treatment Store

Basket Bee

Stack Exchange


All Seasons Kapsalon

 LWD Translations and Editing

Spaans Les Mestral


Lott’s Diamonds

Prolingua Discover Dutch

Carrie-Lynn Salikin Visual Artist

ABCDE Almere Baby Club 


See Yourself Photography

Young Almere


Great Snakes! – Tintin takes the top honour

Andrzej, decked out as Tintin took out best costume (men) prize at Saturday night’s International Almere Halloween Party.

Carina ran away with the ladies’ prize as a Ghostly Grand Dame, with Hanna singing for seconds as (a dead) Amy Winehouse.

Robin was threatening as Darth Maul and Marcella was the winner of the Horror film tag line quiz.


For all the photos that captured the moments, click on Darth Maul below to go to the gallery.


Robin does Darth Maul

A great time was had by all, thanks so much for coming out and the huge amount of effort that was put into everyone’s costumes.

Until next year….

Updated: Holiday Dinner

Updated 29 November 2012:


Due to the enormous response, the 2012 International Almere Holiday Dinner has sold out completely!


We are starting a waiting list in case of any cancellations, so if you would like to be added to the list email as soon as you can with your name and how many people you wish to add to the list.


If a space comes available for you, Connie or Sarah will be in contact personally.


Good luck!


Holiday Dinner time is drawing near and we hope that you are as excited as we are!

The Holiday Dinner has become the most loved annual event on the International Almere calendar, a great family favourite and this year is already shaping up to be just as much fun as always.

Make sure you keep an eye on this post as we will keep adding information as it comes, ok?  For now, here are the basics:

Date: Saturday 15th December 2012

Time: from 4pm (16.00)

Location: TMG Party Centrum Almere Buiten  (Map)

Price: €7.00 per adult and €5.00 per child (12 and under.  Babies under 2 are free)

RSVP and pay by: Friday 30th November

As we have done in previous years, we ask that each family brings a favourite dish from their home country (Carolyn’s famous Mac and cheese anyone?) and we will start asking soon what everybody would like to bring so we can track dishes and make sure we don’t have an overload of one type of food and a gaping hole where the yummy sweets should be, for example.

We will also have some great activities for the kids, including a visit from Santa and gifts for the small ones (under 10)!

We also have great big plans for a fabulous musical act and prizes throughout the night.  There will also be a cash (only) bar with very reasonable prices.  You don’t have to worry about paying Leidsplein rates for your beer!

Please don’t forget to RSVP to the Facebook event page, or you can email  For this event we do need to have payment in advance and are not able to accept payment at the door, so here’s how you can pay:  via bank transfer to Ver. International Almere (VIA) at 5570680 or IBAN- NL89 INGB 5706 80 and BIC- INGBNL2A


We also want to take a moment to thank our awesome team of volunteers in advance who will be working tirelessly over the next couple of months to ensure you have a wonderful time!

Upcoming Event: HALLOWEEN

In 2010 International Almere hosted its first ever Halloween event.  It was a huge success, so much so that in 2011 the party had to move to a bigger venue!  Now Halloween is almost upon us again it’s time to get creative and pull on our costumes, carve pumpkins and scare the daylights out of one another.

Saturday 3rd of November, International Almere is hosting the annual Halloween party at the Apollo Hotel in the Almere city centre from 8pm.

There will be prizes for best costumes and the competition will be tough as some people have been working on them for months already!

Send us your favourite Halloween tracks and we’ll dance the night away; keep­ing the ghosts and goblins at bay!

Tickets are €8 per person and RSVP by 28th of October.

Please pre-pay (we won’t be selling tickets at the door for this event) by transferring money to: Ver Inter­na­tional Almere Acc No: 5570680.

 For more details, check out the Facebook event page.




















Upcoming Event: National Mom’s Night Out

Back in July Nomad Parents staged their first ever National Mom’s Night out at about half a dozen locations around the country.  Here in Almere fourteen mums came together and had a fantastic evening out, so when Nomad Parents approached us about hosting another one, we jumped at the chance.

Here’s what the girls at Nomad Parents have to say:

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]

“Motherhood is an around the clock job with little opportunities for a break. When you are an expat mom, finding a way to get a little “me time” can be that much harder because you may not have a good social network to support you. Going out on your own seems overwhelming, going out with your partner seems impossible (where do I find a sitter I can trust?) and meeting up with friends requires that one of you organize an event. So what is a mom to do to get a break?

“On Thursday, October 25th we are offering up a solution: Come out and join us for the National Mom’s Night Out. We have organized the time, date and location so all you have to do is show up. If you have some friends, bring them along! If you don’t know anyone, come and meet someone new! There are events happening all over the Netherlands so that you can find one close to you. We’ll keep things fun with great conversation and giveaways.”


Come along and join us at the Apollo Hotel Almere from 8pm on Thursday 25th October. You can also RSVP to the event here.

Continue reading Upcoming Event: National Mom’s Night Out

Afrikadag Almere is back!

And this year International Almere is getting into the thick of it and running an Africa Quiz.

On the back of our hugely popular Friday Night Quiz (every second Friday of the month a the Apollo Hotel) we have been asked to run two quiz sessions throughout the day and we have been very busy coming up with fun, interesting and hard questions.

The quiz will cost €1 per person to enter and there will be a beautiful Oware game up for grabs for the winner of each session.  We will be asking the questions in both Dutch and English.  Quiz 1 will be held at 14.30 and quiz 2 at 16.30, both at the Podiumtent Centrale Tuin.  There is a 25 participant limit on this one for each session, so make sure you’re on time!

Afrikadag is a hugely popular event, founded in 1999.   The goal of Afrikadag-Almere is to bring people together with the art and culture of the African continent. To offer a more enriching image of Africa through theater, dance, music and literature.  

In 2012 the programme is no exception.  There will be fashion, Senegalese dance and percussion, jewellery making and henna painting workshops, African Batik workshops, and an interactive performance by master drummer Henri Goabi plus much, much more!

Check out the website (click the poster below) and be sure to come along to de Kemphaan on Sunday 16 September and enjoy an entertaining and educational day out.




National Mom’s Night Out

The amazing moms who joined the first ever National Mom’s Night Out in Almere

Remember last week we mentioned the National Mom’s Night Out?  Well on Thursday 26 July, fifteen lovely ladies slapped on the heels and lipstick and kicked off the first ever nationwide event in style.

We gathered at International Almere’s favourite stomping ground – Apollo Hotel in Almere and sipped our mojitos, chardonnays, beer and espresso while pouring over the contents of our goodie bags and sharing kiddie war stories.

We all had a wonderful time and thanks to the wonderful Lynn Morrison of Nomad Parents for organising.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I cannot wait for then next one.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Nomad Parents events, hopefully the next one will be some time in October.

Don’t forget to head over to Facebook and Like Nomad Parents, or follow on Twitter here.

National Mom’s Night Out – Thursday 26 July


Motherhood is an around the clock job with little opportunities for a break. When you are an expat mom, finding a way to get a little “me time” can be that much harder because you may not have a good social network to support you. Going out on your own seems overwhelming, going out with your partner seems impossible (where do I find a babysitter I can trust?) and meeting up with friends requires that one of you organize an event. So what is a mum to do to get a break?

On Thursday, July 26th we are offering up a solution: International Almere, together with ABCDE Playgroup and Nomad Parents invites you to come out and join us for the National Mom’s Night Out at the Apollo Hotel in Almere. We have organized the time, date and location so all you have to do is show up. If you have some friends, bring them along! If you don’t know anyone, come and meet someone new!  This is a national initiative, with events happening all over the Netherlands at the same time.  We’ll keep things fun with great conversation, giveaways and goody bags.

You can find all of the details at: and of course join the Almere Facebook event.


See you from 8pm, Thursday 26 July at Apollo (Koetsierbaan 2, 1315 SE Almere)!

Body Worlds: Amsterdam

Body Worlds by Carrie Lynn Salikin (aka Elfie Von Elf)

See it now in Amsterdam until June 17th.

For more information on other displays by Gunther von Hagens (born Gunther Liebchen, 10 January 1945)


June 1st, I went toAmsterdam to visit the Body Worlds exhibition. I have a keen interest in medicine and the human anatomy, so I found this quite interesting.

I’ll start by pointing out the negative. There were Dutch and English signs, however, a majority of the English descriptions were tucked away behind the displays and nearly impossible to read. Some of the displays (the ballerina sticks out in my mind) didn’t even have an English description. What happened to the translation?

In addition to the admission price you can pay 3.50 euro for an audio tour that further explains the majority of the displays. I did not find this worth my money. The entire exhibition contains very basic information about the displays and the additional recordings don’t offer much more than repeating what the signs already say.

Photos are not allowed to be taken indoors, however a few people chose to ignore this rule.

Be warned, there is an adult section. However, they give you no information on what that section is about. There is just a sign of no photos allowed and a sticker warning for adults only. If you are of a sensitive nature, do not enter this section. To the left of the doorway you will find information on reproducing and how this all works; quite explicit. To the right is a large section about coming into this world and the various stages. As the exhibit involves real specimens, this may not be something everyone can handle viewing.

On to the positive, this is simply amazing art and medical information and everyone young and old should check this out. To see the human form in its entirety is pure beauty and magic. You can clearly see the tension in the muscles making this very raw and very real.

Seeing the  differences between healthy organs and unhealthy organs really makes you feel more health conscious. It is a real eye opener to see the differences between an overweight and a healthy body and the effects obesity has on your organs and bones.

There is a section about how much families in various parts of the world are spending on food every week and what they are eating. I spent nearly 45 minutes on this alone. This was really interesting.

The displays are based upon a process called Plastination.  It is a technique or process used in anatomy to preserve bodies or body parts, first developed by Gunther von Hagens in 1977. The water and fat are replaced by certain plastics, yielding specimens that can be touched, do not smell or decay, and even retain most properties of the original sample.

I think there is room for improvement in the displays. I would have liked to have seen more variation in the illnesses or bone deformities compared to healthy organs and bones. However, since this is ground breaking research and somewhat controversial, one has to take baby steps to allow for more extensive displays.

At the end of the tour there is a place where you can buy various souvenirs. In addition there is a specific area where taking pictures is allowed and the staff is more than willing to take photos of you and your friends with your camera.

The location of the display is within walking distance from the Amsterdam Zuid train station and there are several restaurants nearby if you are hungry afterwards.

So if you have the time to spare, I truly recommend checking out the exhibition as for me it was something I will never forget.



August Fundraising Update





We’re still hard at work with the  International Almere Holiday Dinner 2012 fund raising. We are already at about 50% and will continue to do our best to raise the complete amount needed, so stay tuned for more.

I cannot stress enough, that we need your help in this. If you have a personal relationship with a business or shop, please take the time to ask them for help when you are there next. Everybody has 20 EUR to spare, especially for good customers. You can also leave behind the flyer: Sponsorship Flyer Xmas

Our new sponsors since the last update are:

  • Apollo Hotel City Center –
  • Evado – Yoga, Fit, Wellness –

And let’s not forget our dear sponsors from the last update:

  • The Expat Company –
  • Carly’s Young Almere
    Need I say anything more? The club for young expats in Almere! Stay in touch on Facebook
  • Caroline’s LWD Translations & Editing
    For all your Dutch-English-Dutch translation needs
  • The Steiner-Meunier Family
    As our first private sponsors, thank you very much indeed!
  • Martha Mghendi
    With a very generous private donation, make sure to give her a big hug next time around.
  • Expat Mortgages – If you have read my post about buying a place in the Netherlands, you will already know that you can trust these guys to get you a fair mortgage deal – no matter where you are from.

You can find all these companies on our International Almere 2012 Holiday Dinner Sponsor Board.

We need lots more sponsors, so if you know a company that would be interested, please point them to the sponsorship information or let us know via

Together we can make this work,

The International Almere Team


Libelle Zomer Week May 2012



Libelle Zomer Week: China Town May 2012 by Carrie Lynn Salikin (aka Elfie Von Elf)

On May 13th, 2012 I had the priviledge of heading out to the Libelle Zomer week with a few friends – several of them being from our lovely International Almere group. This was my first Libelle Zomer week and I was really looking forward to it. I had heard from various sources that this was quite the event. In all honesty I wasn’t let down and had one heck of an amazing time.

Where to start? I was expecting wall to wall people with little to no ability to get to the stands, but to my surprise even with the large groups of people, everyone just sort of went with the flow and gave a great deal of respect to one another. Was it because we all had the same motivation? Was it because it was the last day of the event? Regardless of the reasons – checking out the vast selection of stands was not exhausting or impossible. Truly this was a pleasant experience.

Be warned – bring your wallets. Even if you have no intention of spending money – oh how you will. There is something there for everyone and truly some amazing deals were found. Several stands sold quality surprise bags. There were stores I knew quite well and a lot of new products and stores were brought to my attention.

Transportation to the event was also quite well organized; from trains to busses to more than adequate parking, at what we considered a reasonable fee of 6.50 euros per day.

The event itself was tidy; no overflowing garbage cans or trash on the ground. Bathroom facilities were more than plenty and also very clean for an outdoor event. My only minor complaint: the food selection was quite limited. I had come with an expectation of trying various asian cuisine due to the signs posted everywhere “China Town”. However this was not the case. In the beginning we passed one loempia stand and a soup stand and for the rest of the time we came upon several La Place restaurants serving plenty of sandwiches. But for the cost of a sandwich I can recommend: pack your own.

Thankfully later on in section 3 we found ourselves plenty of sample food stands (the only time in the event things got a little chaotic, perhaps we were all crazed with hunger by this point). But once we had our fill of various food samples from rice, to chicken to salads with dressings, potato chips, raspatat etc., we were more than happy to continue on our way.

Alcohol samples seemed to be a large part of the theme, but a lot of variety and amazing deals. My husband found himself rather taken with the chocolate wine and could not help but pick up a bottle.

Will I return again? I can say without a doubt: yes! Our group of friends easily found each other time and time again when we went our own ways.

For more information on the Libelle Zomer Week “China Town” please vist the following website:

Christmas Spirit – a tad early

Today, I spent a few hours talking to entrepreneurs in Almere who would like to help us by sponsoring the International Almere Holiday Dinner 2012World Handprints.

Why is that necessary?

The World Trade Center has moved away from Almere and with it, we lost the sponsorship for 2012. This means we rely on the help of private sponsors to support International Almere.

I am very happy to announce that we have the first four companies have agreed to sponsor International Almere:

You can find all these companies on our International Almere 2012 Holiday Dinner Sponsor Board.

We need lots more sponsors, so if you know a company that would be interested, please point them to the sponsorship information or let us know via




Do you know the answer to….!

Well, they do….Last night was our first ever Mr. Bright’s Quiz Night Event!!!   What a great time!  34 people came out to pit their teams wits against anothers.  We had 8 teams and below you can see their winning order.  The questions were not easy and though we found a few “foutjes” it was all great fun!  A special thanks to our MC’s Carly & Mike!  And of course a HUGE THANK YOU to Apollo Hotel City Center for their sponsorship of the night and offering up the winning team a round of drinks and the  Apollo bears for our least successful team!

Last Nights Ranking:

1 – Norfolk & Chance

2 – The Twisted Monkeys

3 – The Fellowship

4 – Team Apollo

5 – The Dolphins

6 – FCA

7 – Noet

8 – Oostvaarders





Cocktail Glasses

Friday Night Drinks

Cocktail Glasses
© alphaducentaure (FlickR) - Important note: contrary to what one might think, these cocktails are non alcoholic

Our Friday Night Drinks are an informal meeting of expats in Almere and surrounding areas. We meet up to chat and laugh and now and then it lasts until the wee morning hours. It doesn’t matter if you want to come for the full show or just for half an hour to check us out. The important thing is that you DO come – we love to meet new people!

Every first Friday of the month, the first round of drinks is on our sponsor Apollo Hotel.

Check out the Event Calendar to find out more about the location!

Everyone welcome, regardless of what your drink of choice is!