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International Almere welcomes Expat Mortgages


International Almere welcomes Expat Mortgages as a new sponsor

Expat Mortgages is an independent company devoted entirely to providing expats (internationals) with mortgage advice in a language they understand (English).

They aim to give expats the same opportunities as Dutch citizens when it comes to financing a home in the Netherlands. And because they are independent mortgage brokers they can deal with any bank or mortgage provider in the Netherlands, that has a proposition for expats.

For more than 10 years Expat Mortgages has been helping expats realize a big dream, buying a house in the Netherlands, and they worked with thousands of expats from different countries.

As of May 2018, Expat Mortgages has become an official sponsor of International Almere. The collaboration between the two comes very naturally, since the two organizations share similar values and goals. Coincidentally Expat Mortgages has the same vision as International Almere organization – to make the non-Dutch residents feel at home.

The two partners believe that by sharing knowledge and experience they have better chances in achieving this mutual goal. They are planning to organize different events and seminars, publish informative articles and many other activities to equip the internationals with enough knowledge about the Dutch housing market.


An update from our sponsors at Beacon Financial Education.

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Blacktower Financial Management Group and Beacon Global Group announce strategic agreement in The Netherlands

 January 25th, 2017

Blacktower Financial Management International and Beacon Global Group today announced a strategic agreement to support the more than 45,000 Americans living in The Netherlands with financial planning and investment advice.

Financial planning and investing for Americans has become harder in recent years with the IRS & FATCA causing Americans to be unwelcome at many financial institutions. It’s caused difficulty opening bank accounts, closed U.S. brokerage accounts, complex and changing tax codes, confused & fearful financial advisors; and few quality investment options.

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US Fatca Compliant Investments

So I guess the first thing everyone is asking is why did an Australian go to a seminar about US Investments and Pensions?  Well, I see the questions going up in our group all the time, and in other groups I belong to, and I hear some of my friends from the US cursing the beast that is ‘FATCA’.

So purely out of curiosity, I went along to find out a little more about the beast that has people quaking in their boots, as well as to find out more about what our new sponsors do, and what they can provide for our members. Continue reading US Fatca Compliant Investments

Don’t forget to register … Getting to know Poort is this week!

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It’s time for our annual photo hunt ! June 4th at 2pm – meet us at the bus station at Almere Poort and get to know Almere’s newest section – Almere Poort! (Sponsored by the Atlas of Amsterdam). This is a free, fun and family friendly event, but everyone is welcome to join in!

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Introducing our new sponsors – Beacon Global Advisers!

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Who are Beacon Global Advisers?

Founded in 2012 by Randy Landsman and Robert Rigby-Hall, Beacon Global Group  was formed from a need for stable and smart financial assistance for expats, in particular after the introduction of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) for US citizens abroad.  Over the years, they have taken their vast experience and created a company that can give clients access to financial planners, insurance professionals and tax & accounting professionals.

Beacon Global Advisers can provide their clients with a worldwide network of financial professionals, who understand international and local financial regulations, no matter where they reside in the world.

How are Beacon Global Advisers helping International Almere?

Beacon Global Advisers have generously stepped on board to be our major financial sponsor for 2016-2017.  You’ll see their advertising in our newsletters and on our website.

It’s  not only a financial support though.  Throughout the year they’ll host some seminars here in Almere.  The first seminar is on May 25th (US FATCA Compliant Investments – Apollo Hotel Almere  ).  We hope this is the first of many events like this that will come to Almere, as so far, no one else is filling this niche.

Like International Almere, Beacon Global Advisers’ focus is on helping people  who are away from home.  Whilst our end results may differ, our focus is the same – making sure that people have a solid foundation to start and continue their expat journey.

From all of us here at International Almere, we’d like to welcome Beacon Global Advisers into our large family of many nationalities.  Looking forward to seeing you on the 25th of May and thank you for your support!


This is a sponsored post for Beacon Global Advisers and contains affiliate links. 

2012 International Almere Holiday Dinner Sponsor Roundup

We want to share a final round of thanks to all our wonderful sponsors who have helped to make the 2012 International Almere Holiday a reality.  We truthfully could not have put this event together without the generosity of so many companies and people.  By having dug deep and put your hands into your own pockets you have been able to help keep the cost of the event affordable for us all.

Click through the gallery of sponsors below and you can find all the related links at the bottom of this page.

Thank you so much!


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