International Almere was founded because we realised that there was a need for diverse activities and opportunities for the international community in and around Almere.

Building up a social network and getting to know people is the most important part of a happy expat life. With the support of International Almere, many expats have found a new home abroad and had a much easier start in the Netherlands. Happy expats integrate better into the Dutch society and stay longer in the Netherlands.

IA is a volunteer non-profit organisation.

We can be reached at, or you can send us a mail directly by using the form below.

Mobile number: 0647205595

Mailing address:  Vrije Zeestraat 42, 1335VV Almere

Account Name: Ver. International Almere
Account No: 5570680
Bank: ING
IBAN: NL89INGB0005570680

International Almere is registered with Almere’s Chamber of Commerce ( KvK ) under the number 32168790.
International Almere’s Tax ( Fiscaal ) number is 822076123.
International Almere is a SBBI ( Sociaal belang behartigende instellingen ) by tax definition.

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