Events Policy

International Almere Event Policy

International Almere has a fantastic history of epic events.  In order to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves as much as we do, we’ve decided to write down our event guidelines as well as some reasons why we do things some ways – just so you can understand our methods!

Firstly, what we promise to do for you:

We promise to provide low cost, well organised events aimed at the members of our group.  These can be families, singles, couples & children – we try to cover all aspects of our group.  Throughout the year, we will maintain a balance between all events scheduled and cater equally to all demographics.

We will give timely notice for all events (Minimum one month notice on Facebook and social media, Google calendar will contain all events scheduled for the calendar year).  Cut off dates will be strictly enforced; however, we will maintain flexibility in extreme circumstances and offer payment plans and extensions if needed.

Events may be subsidised depending on available funding, and members will retain their discount on selected events. Member discounts will be disclosed on the price of the event if they are offered.

Details in the events are finalised and non-negotiable except in extreme situations.

We will provide the following events annually regardless  –

First Friday Night Drinks – February to December (Adults)

Quiz Night – February to November (Adults)

Fifth Friday – In each month when a fifth Friday night occurs (Adults.)

International Picnic – Last weekend in August (Families)

Halloween – Around October 31st (Families)

Kids Christmas  – Between Sinterklaas and Christmas (Families)

December Dinner – Annually in December (Adults)

Dutch language cafe

We will also endeavour to provide extra, non-scheduled events on an as needed basis. We welcome anyone who would like to help organise or help in any way with an event!

So, now to a few things about our events.

Cut Off/RSVP Dates

Not all events will have a cut-off/RSVP date – It really will depend on the type of event we’re putting on.

However, cut off dates/RSVP dates in place will be strictly enforced UNLESS in extreme circumstances

However, generally in the case of events where we need to make a reservation for a restaurant or give final numbers for catering, there may be the need to put one into place.  This will be 7-14 days before the actual scheduled date, dependent on the venue’s policies.  Please note, we are not in control of these,  and we do try to push venues to the absolute last minute extreme date, so if you do get in contact after a cut-off date, and we say no, it really is out of our control.  We will always offer you the option of our waiting list!   

Waiting lists

We’ll always offer the option of a waiting list for events that have closed.  Simply contact us via the email and we will make sure you get on that list.  We always run the list on a ‘first come, first served’ basis as well, so if you’re first on the list, you’re first to be offered a space.  We try not to, but sometimes we can make the offers of places on the day of the event – so if you are on the list, check your emails!

We also ask that you don’t just ‘turn up on the day’ and hope for a place.  Refusal of entry can sometimes offend, and it’s also not fair to those who are sitting on the waiting list. 



We understand that not everyone’s situation is the same, and that things in the current financial climate can be volatile. If you would like to attend an event, but finances are limited or stretched, please contact us and we will help you as best we can, and always with confidentiality.  We also always offer special rates for families for our bigger events, so please, contact us!

Payment references:

Each event will have a specific payment reference to use.  (Generally, this will be “Event Name”/”Your Surname”.)  Please use this, as it makes tracking payments in our banking system easier, and we can tie payments to RSVP’s really quickly.  In the event that your account has a different name to your RSVP name, please use the name on your RSVP!  

Email RSVP’s

We chose to introduce email RSVP’s in 2015 for events, over the Facebook events ‘Yes/Maybe/No’ system for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, not all our members are part of Facebook.  If we exclusively used this method, we would exclude a significant portion of our group, and that’s not what we set out to do.

Facebook RSVP’s are also notoriously inaccurate, and relying on these alone would not accurately reflect numbers for events.

 We will no longer accept Facebook RSVP’s at all.

To make it easier for you though, you can still manually email the email address with your RSVP, or simply hit reply to the emails that come to your mailbox and that will automatically also go to the events email!  We even have a contact form set up on the event page on the website for each event, so please, use those.

WE also use the email addresses you send to keep you updated about the event you have RSVP’d to.  It’s where we’ll send payment details, reminders, updates, even notifications of changes – so there’s a big advantage in the email system – we can keep in touch with you and make sure you know everything there is to know!

Visiting an event

Our priority is safety for all our members.  Once an event is closed and numbers finalised, we maintain a guest list so we know who will be on the site on the day at all times for insurance and safety reasons. This is particularly important in events where children are in attendance.  Should you wish to visit an event that has closed, it is really important that you contact us at least 48 hours in advance so we can advise whether this is possible. Just ‘turning up on the day’ could see refusal of entry.


Situations change. We understand that, and we’re going to try our best to help you out.   Usually if we can get someone to fill your place, we will be able to offer a full refund to you – but in some situations, there may be a partial or no refund given, especially if there is very short notice given about the cancellation.  Please, give us as much notice as possible, and as always, we will always look at every individual situation when it comes to giving a refund.