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2017 Easter Egg Hunt!

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What a wonderful weekend it was!

The weather might not have been on our side, but it was still a lot of fun for all those who came!  Beatrixpark was so green and pretty with flowers in the field … just a shame that our Easter Bunny couldn’t make it due to illness. (I have it on good authority that next year he will be there – I talked with Santa!)  Thanks to everyone who came, and particularly to the 2 sponsors we had – English Lessons Almere and the Atlas of Amsterdam!

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November 11 is Sint Maarten!

November 11. In the evening children (with their parents preferably) go door to door with a lantern and get candy in exchange for singing Sint Maarten songs. The feast has gained popularity in the Netherlands. In the previous century it wasn’t celebrated everywhere, but somehow it did find it’s way to Almere quite early on. It’s the name day of Utrecht’s Patron Saint Martinus van Tours, and the origin is purely speculation. Continue reading November 11 is Sint Maarten!