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Amazing oven cleaning service! SPONSORED POST

Ovenclean.nl are sponsors of International Almere. The writer discloses she received no benefits for writing this post.  This post may contain affiliate links.

I have a dirty little secret.

I hate cleaning my oven.  I hate it with a passion.

This is my dirty little secret. I can’t believe I’m sharing this with the world!

It’s a huge job, and finding time in a busy schedule with kids, work and just other housework – it’s tough.  And then there’s the chemicals!  Reading the back of the can of oven cleaner, and realising you have to put on a space suit just to open the bottle is frightening – what is this stuff doing to my skin, my eyes and my lungs??

Thankfully, Samantha and Marcel at ovenclean.nl came to my rescue recently!

It was so easy to make a reservation – simply call or email and I got a reply within a day checking my availability and a time.  On the day, Marcel was on time and set to work straight away – explaining a lot of things (including that my oven was self cleaning!)

What really impressed me was the fact that there was very little smell, just a faint lemon scent over that harsh, caustic smell that sometimes comes when you’re cleaning your oven.   Ovenclean.nl uses non-caustic cleaners that are gentle, yet really effective.  It was safe to have my 3 year olds in the house!

The end result was amazing – in a little under 2 hours, Marcel had restored my dirty little secret to a shining, useful oven that looked close to new! I was left with a clean shiny oven that smelled a little lemony, and the best part – no mess to clean up.

Can you believe this is the same oven?

All in all, I really recommend ovenclean.nl – excellent customer service with excellent results.  No harsh chemicals, really well priced and a massive time saver.

Ovenclean.nl can be reached on 0297-201243 or at email info@ovenclean.nl and tell them that International Almere sent you! (They’re one of our sponsors).

Enjoy that clean oven! – Stephanie

P.S. Did you know they also clean barbecues with a FREE pickup and return service? That’s amazing!

An update from our sponsors at Beacon Financial Education.

This is a sponsored post and may contain affiliate links.

Blacktower Financial Management Group and Beacon Global Group announce strategic agreement in The Netherlands

 January 25th, 2017

Blacktower Financial Management International and Beacon Global Group today announced a strategic agreement to support the more than 45,000 Americans living in The Netherlands with financial planning and investment advice.

Financial planning and investing for Americans has become harder in recent years with the IRS & FATCA causing Americans to be unwelcome at many financial institutions. It’s caused difficulty opening bank accounts, closed U.S. brokerage accounts, complex and changing tax codes, confused & fearful financial advisors; and few quality investment options.

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November 11 is Sint Maarten!

November 11. In the evening children (with their parents preferably) go door to door with a lantern and get candy in exchange for singing Sint Maarten songs. The feast has gained popularity in the Netherlands. In the previous century it wasn’t celebrated everywhere, but somehow it did find it’s way to Almere quite early on. It’s the name day of Utrecht’s Patron Saint Martinus van Tours, and the origin is purely speculation. Continue reading November 11 is Sint Maarten!