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Yoga lessons in English

Ganesha Almere is offering from September 2018 Yoga lessons in English to International Almere members for very attractive prices.

You have two possibilities:

a ticket strip of 5 lessons (€ 50,–) to be used in 8 lesson weeks, so that you can be absent a few times without costs.

a discount of 15% in the usual monthly cost (€ 34,– per month instead of € 40,–)

The yoga lessons last 1,5 hour.

Ganesha Almere is also offering a free try lesson to International Almere members:

Thursday, August 30 th at 18.30 hours. This try out will last until ± 20.45 hrs.

Frans Zwagemakers (1957) is an experienced yoga teacher, who started his teachings 16 years ago. Since then he has taught more than 5.000 yoga lessons and has visited India, the native country of yoga, 6 times.


You can reach Ganesha Almere at info@ganesha-almere.nl or call +31 (0)6 53744367

Adress: Rodinweg 59a 1328 PX Almere. www.ganesha-yoga.nl

Enjoy the experience and later share with us how it was and if you liked it!

More info: Sandra da Silva, secretary of International Almere. secretary@internationalalmere.com