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US Fatca Compliant Investments

So I guess the first thing everyone is asking is why did an Australian go to a seminar about US Investments and Pensions?  Well, I see the questions going up in our group all the time, and in other groups I belong to, and I hear some of my friends from the US cursing the beast that is ‘FATCA’.

So purely out of curiosity, I went along to find out a little more about the beast that has people quaking in their boots, as well as to find out more about what our new sponsors do, and what they can provide for our members. Continue reading US Fatca Compliant Investments

Almere Buiten Red Houses

My Story: Let’s buy a place…

Almere Buiten Red Houses
© Andrea de Poda

Most of us, when coming to the Netherlands, rent  a place somewhere. It’s the best way to start up new – get to know the country, the area and not too committal for the first few months. But somehow that rented place is never quite ‘home’ and sooner or later most longer term expats are looking into buying a place. Continue reading My Story: Let’s buy a place…