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Wine Club

“Come Wine with Me” Social Club

Hello, my name is Keletso Njobo. I am from South Africa and arrived in Almere only 2 months ago.

I don’t know any people yet in town and I am doing a short wine course.

So, I thought, why not combine the two? A wine club within International Almere.

Location: my place in Almere Muziekwijk

Maximum number of attendees: 10 (because of the size of my home)

We meet once a month on a Saturday evening.

If you want to join, please send me an email and I will get back to you.

My email isknjobo26@gmail.com

See you soon!

Below you can read more about my motivation for this wine club and how I would like to set it all up.

About the wine club

The idea of starting a wine social club was mainly founded to fulfil my wine educational needs, particularly to refine my wine tasting skills, as I am currently studying a short wine course;  but also to cater to my social needs in terms of making new friends within the city (Almere) as I’ve only been staying here for less than two months. So, I thought to myself, “Why should I study this beverage alone when I can hit two birds by co-studying with other wine lovers who are interested in learning about wine while simultaneously meeting new people who could potentially become very good friends🤔?”.That’s when I decided to start the “Come Wine With Me” Social Club.

What I want to provide via this club is a friendly and cosy environment where people can have intimate and meaningful conversations with other wine lover expats like myself (whether they’re a wine amateur or expert) and start their journey to establishing some long-term friendships with other expats residing within Almere while simultaneously learning about wines and whining about the cultural shock that they’ve experienced since arriving to the Netherlands (if they have experienced it of course). I will host educational wine tasting events biweekly, accommodating a maximum of 10 individuals per event, and each event will focus on wines from different regions around the world.

Ideas for events

The wine tastings will mostly focus on the tasting aspect of wine where we evaluate the characteristics and quality of the wine. I propose to purchase the wines that we’ll be tasting as I’d like to coordinate them according to what wine regions or countries will be covered as my wine course progresses (would like to educationally exploit the tastings as much as I can to fully prep for my blind tasting examination) and I will charge attendees a small fee to cover the wine costs (costs for each event will most probably vary depending on which region we’ll be focusing on at that particular time; I’ll communicate these costs with you two weeks prior to the events). Tasting glasses will also be provided and their procurement will be a personal expense. I was planning on asking people to bring their own glasses but then it crossed my mind that people might bring differing sized glasses, which is not ideal as everyone needs to have the same sized-glasses in order to evaluate the wine fairly. Once the educational material is completed, we will socialise, have nibbles, consume whatever wine remains and perhaps head to the city to a pub or bar for those who might be interested.

So to pilot test the club, the short term plan is to start hosting the tastings in my flat biweekly on Saturdays (this might change depending on what works for the majority of the members) then perhaps in the long run alternate the hosting with other members where they open their homes to us to attend the tastings. The first event will be slightly different as it will not be as educational as the other tasting that I’ll be hosting in the next coming weeks. The event will instead be more of an introductory/social one where we can get acquainted with each before we dive into the educational aspect of wine. I want each attendee to bring their favourite wine (and perhaps some nibbles such as cheese, cold meats, etc. that they like to drink with that wine for example) and briefly explain why it’s their favourite and what they expect to get from this wine club. I would like to host this event on the 9thof February, then the biweekly educational tastings will catapult after this introductory event from the 23rdof February onwards.