Here’s some of the important things you’ll need to know in Almere

  • Police Emergency Number: 112
  • Police Non-Emergency Number: 0900-8844
  • Hospital Emergency Number: 0900 203 0 203
  • City of Almere service line: 14 036

Your health services are provided by Zorggroep Almere or Medi-Mere and on their respective websites you can find the information regarding the closest health center and pharmacy to you (in Dutch).

Via this link you can read in English all about the Dutch Health Care system

Some useful links

The official website of the municipality is: (in Dutch). There is also a section on the Almere website in English

ACCESS has been helping internationals, people on an expatriate assignment or those who have moved to the Netherlands for over 30 years. The people who provide the answers to the questions you have, are themselves, internationals. The answers Access have are carefully researched and checked. If you have any specific questions or if you want to speak with a counselor you can call their Access Helpdesk: 0900-2 222 377.
All information you find and the Access website. 

IN Amsterdam (formerly Expatcenter Amsterdam) provides a one-stop-shop service for international newcomers in the Amsterdam Area. IN Amsterdam serves companies and their highly skilled migrant employees, scientific researchers, international entrepreneurs and international graduates. The IN Amsterdam procedure includes immigration elements such as residence and work permits (including the startup visa), registration with the municipality, the 30% tax ruling and many other official matters. (in English)

Expatica. A website full of information about living in the Netherlands (in English)

Iamsterdam Mainly about life in Amsterdam, but since the Dutch capital is so close-by it’s also interesting if you live in Almere. (in English)

Here you find the website of the tourist office VVV Almere in English. Their agenda in Dutch you find here.

Cultural life in Almere

Theaters and music venues in Almere:

Theater groups in Almere:

The agenda of Almere’s City Library you find here. There is also a cinema in the library.

Kinepolis is the main cinema in Almere City Center. They show a wide variety of films. Foreign films will mostly be in original language with Dutch subtitles, except some films for children.

Shopping information

Almere has 3 major areas ( Buiten, Haven & Stad ) which have markets throughout the week. The locations and times are:

  • Almere Stad, Stadhuisplein and Promenade: Wednesday and Saturday 9am – 4pm
  • Almere Almere Haven, de Markt and de Brink: Friday 9am – 2pm
  • Almere Buiten, Globeplein and Rio de Janeiroplein: Thursday 9am – 2pm

Also Almere has shopping nights to make it easier for those that work during the day, the locations and times of those are:

  • Thursday night in Almere Stad shops are open till 9pm
  • Friday night in Almere Buiten and Haven shops are open till 9pm

Most stores in Almere Stad are also open every Sunday from 12 to 5pm. More information on parking in different parts of Almere you can find here.

In Almere Buiten you can find Doemere, a shopping centre dedicated to home and garden. You can also find some fast food restaurants there and it is next to Almere Buiten shopping centre.

If you are looking for a 1-stop place for brand clothes at an interesting discount, you probably will like Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, to be found in Lelystad, about 25 minutes away from Almere, in the same province of Flevoland (see below video for an impression).

Some practicalities about housing:

Rubbish Collection
The green rubbish bin will be picked up every two weeks (Here’s the schedule!). In Almere plastic is a recycled material (blue bin) and often people have also a paper recycling bin. There you can also check which days they will be picked up. If you have a lot of rubbish and you can’t fit any more into your bin (and we all have this from time to time), you can set up a home pick up via the telephone ( 14 036 ) or via Almere’s online digital service booth. If you want to take it yourself, the addresses for the 3 recycling perrons in Almere can be found here.

Broadband Internet in The Netherlands
This extensive guide helps you to get connected to the internet.

Tips for leisure and touristic trips in the proximity:

Oostvaardersplassen Nature Reserve, just north of Almere.

Watersports in Almere:

Two touristic attractions next to each other in Lelystad, about 25 minutes away from Almere: Batavia Shipyard and Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet.


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